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Do you guys think Giltine Crow mecanic makes sense to the game?

Hi, returning player here.

After searching, and testing by myself on KTEST, i have concluded that is not health at all to the game such mecanic like this(All of this is my opinion).

All i wanna know is: Have you guys liked or disliked?

Share your opinion if u want too!

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Absolute Dislike… i like the concept of a Godly Item but the mechanic of Consuming somekind of energy i dislike it.

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No. Period.

Make a poll and it would be 100% no.

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It would’ve been better if we just had some sort of party limit-break like final fantasy, in the current state crown is the cringe version of that. Even when everyone will have their crown maxed in the future the mechanic will still be atrocious and raids will be difficult to balance around it.
And since crown gives mostly raw attack, powercreep slowly erodes the value of the item.
Sadly they can’t go back or change it for a long time since people spent a huge amount of real money to rush the crown cap right on release, like, 8 months ago?


I don’t mind it. It was annoying at first and I refused to do it, because farming BoP when it was released was insane. Now it’s achievable, especially with events. Came back start of September and I’m almost at lvl 10 crown. I hate farming, I’d say I only spent 30 hours max in HG2, likely less. Don’t think I whaled for crown :thinking:

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At first: Thank you for give me your vision about that.

I am just asking this because i have been in ktest, and tested the amout of itens to get a lv20 Crown, and the difference between goddess gem lv5-lv10(its absurd), you can carry any class if you have a proper crown high end…

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