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Do you guys ever read the Tickets?

do you guys ever read the tickets at all?

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they dont they just don’t give a ■■■■ about the comunity i cannot lvl attributes in 2 characters send multiple tickets and they just dont care

Servers are probably lagging due to F2P been open today. It was the same before at launch day for peple who paid “early access”. Be patient, please.

Do either of you even possess patience? Hilarious how entitled little shizers you two are. Reality check: World doesn’t revolve around you.

Inb4 salty uneducated “I matter more than the next person” based reply.

Yeah I sent my ticket maybe three weeks ago, and kept sending some ever since. No answer at all.

Do you ever read the pinned topics (contains important information) in each category?
The Localization category is not the appropriate section for game breaking bugs. It is where users can submit reports regarding the localization of the game. So that contributors to the translation project can make their edits.

I’ve stumbled upon several of these topics in this category, but it won’t increase your chance of receiving a reply from IMCGAMES. You’re better off submitting a ticket through Support and wait.