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Do we need different equipment for different wizards now?

I used to use the same set of equipment and just team storage transfer across my wizards.

Do we need specific equipment set now for wizards depending on our builds? Like specific set effects or even what type to use? Staff rod tricklet shield dagger?

Basicly yes, Caster set, Channeling set or Overload set.
And your vaivora determine you wepon.

Is that just for weapon slots? And Caster set is for Fire/Ice/Lightning builds and Channeling set is for the new Kino/Omny/Rune Caster builds right? What about Overload?

overload for pyro, and ludos said for cryo too.
channeling for shadowmancer/kino-omny, summoner has the summoner set, caster set no one is using it atm.

I use caster set lol. As a terramancer - omny - taoist atm but will change to runecaster after patch.

So basicly if your build’s main dmg comes from casting, channeling, summoning or instant cast skills determine what set you want.

didnt take in consideration super low non meta dmg builds.

Still top 10 on wbr every week :smirk:

And next week (hopefully) it wont be a non meta anymore

So if i get the Channeling set then I can share equipment between my Kino-Omny-Rune Caster and Terra-Omny-Rune Caster characters.

If I get the Overload set then I can share it among Pyro-Tao-Elem and Cryo-Tao-(Elem or Chrono) characters.

No im using “Caster set” which is Gabija armor whilst kinos use “Channeling set” which is Dalia armor. But of course u can go with channeling set and try picking up as many channeling skills you can, but most likely wont be as effective. Im thinking that if you are gonna use another set over caster Overload might be a better set.

I got both Caster and Overload but im using Caster on my meta pyro. It has better damage output for me and i dont need to cast magic shield that can drain SP in 10sec.

Tho your choice. Overload is cheaper and works with every build so yeah, if you can share gears, overload is the best choice…or atleast a temporary while building your effect-specific ichors.

For wizard staff…i only use pyro vaivora for all my wiz. It has good base stats and my other wizards have shitty vaivora (i got terra-omnyo, and rune-omnyo-terra)

on pyro meteor is the third or fourth dps skills, so dunno how can caster set be better than overload.
first skills being hellbreath and prominence.
i could understand channeling for bossing probably, never tested it, but casting nope.
and its not even a nopinion, its from testing on ktos too.

What is the name of the Overload set?

Sorry noob question

Channeling is for Kino/Onmyo because of skills like Gravity Pole and Yin Yang? And Casting is for skills that have a charge time?

Then what is Overload good for and for what type of skills?

Also, where to do to get all these effects I just returned so I’m lost

Overload is like a generalist case that covers all skills, but with less uptime and lower damage bonus. Its good if your build isn’t focused on either channeling or casting or whatever.

Ziburynas (demon)


Yes again

Overlord is passive. You just get 30s damage bonus on all skills after activating Magic Shield.

Either do Singularity or buy goddess/demon fragments from the market. For goddess you need one fragment from each of the 6 episode 12 maps to make a piece. For demon you need 10 fragments to make a piece. With 2 pieces you craft an armor recipe of your choice. Then you need costly endgame materials (BG, mystic pages, practonium) to craft the armor. Then you make an ichor and attach it to your legend grade armor (dysnai or glacia).