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Do imc got anyplan for Nak mauy improvement

nak mauy is martial artist …
do imc got any plan to make taekwondo or boxer … martial artist type

currently best build for nak ( strike build ) is with the shield … but he is not really a dps and a tank

nak muay art is terrible bad … it is useless ( nak boran ) and khao loi ( compare to other classes art with noticeable significant improvement )

I would like nak muay to be in the cleric branch, and combine it with monk, it would be beautiful, nak muay would do damage and cc and monk would be the dps and together with zealot, I would find it very entertaining, I know it is difficult for that to happen, if they had done the common classes, it could have been done.

the way imc made the current monk … nak simple will not fit in …
monk zealot krivis … monk focus on energy blast spam nuff said

that happens because there are no more options…

And it will really make sense if Nak mauy can improve and combine it with monk. It will gain more ground for Nak mauy

is it worse than this?

or this?

i understand your frustration, and i hope your class gets buff :smiley:

Perfect for JSR