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DLC NA Server for SEA player?

Hi, Im a SEA player playing in NA server (Orsha). I would like to purchase DLC for Orsha Server but i received the DLC package for SEA server instead.

How do i purchase the DLC for Orsha Server ?

Appreciate your favourable reply soon.

Best Regards

Gwen from SEA player

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get a refund

change your location in Steam.

buy the NA pack.

use the NA pack in the game.

reset your location in steam

Hi Tzxazrael,

I can’t seem to change the location in steam. Could you advise more?

Best Regards.

change your address in steam.

lie to it, and tell it you live in north america.

currently everything is “working as intended” because you live in SEA and are offered the SEA-compatible DLC.

Hi Tzxazrael,

The store region is locked. But i have already emailed steam for help.

Thanks for the advise! :slight_smile:

Appreciate it.

Best Regards.