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DL fixed map+spot is feature downgrade

Hi saviors,
1st,this is my opinion
2nd, this exclude DL moringponia fixed spot.
last, this should go to support ticket which i already did.
that why if you are agree with this, you can copy this, maybe modify it, and send it as well.
if you dont? well i dont mind it

as the title say, the new DL fixed feature spot is a downgrade

1.the massacre of DL “hunting aspect”
back when its randomized spot, its such a thrill to go for a first hit.the competition even begin within your party members to find out who is lucky enough to encounter it. its truly is fun to get lucky to encounter what people looking for first and get extra reward for it. this is definitely a downgrade of feature when field hunting in tos is almost near to death because almost everything farmable through CM;raid;HG dungeon etc and when it used to required coordination, teamwork, and luck.

2.the current power-up VS the current DL hp
said the DL location still randomized, the DL hp is still a problem because with the recent power up (classes buff and easy-to-get goddess potion) it took only like 1-2 minute to kill a DL for a party or even solo for some. thats why i recommend to buff the DL hp to balance the players power up and also to eliminate the probability of first party to found the DL to kill it themself.

3.some soloist or ostentatious/showy players finally involved
the increase in players involvement is good, but if you think fixed spot is the solution to increase players involvement i highly doubt it is. When the location is randomized, people are tend to make a party to fasten up DL searching process because its gotta be a hassle to roaming 5 maps on your own or you will need such intel like guildies. but the problem actually not lies on the involvement, but it lies on some players ostentatious character who become free from the hassle to search which require teamworks and intel, and they come as solo to show off which nowadays become more often and sometime toxic.You will only grow their head bigger continuing this fixed spot feature and grow perfect environment for exploiters and toxic players.

4.the 5 party drop rule.
continuing the impact in point on no 3, those player who wont bother party up, getting full party or even worse those soloist who mostly are veterans, highly geared or boss-focus build who can even solo the current DL and securely snatch cube their own will only suck up the quota of eligible drop. this is such an unhealthy environment which will only let down parties, and end up decrease the players involvement and increase the exploitation and toxic behavior in the future. this mechanic less likely change due to its long existence but i will still suggest for a change.

5.the current grimoire event that will likely become permanent
straight to the point, you should disable event grimoire summoning in DL area, because it only contributing in making the channel more lag.

So my solutions are.
1.of course, make DL location (map+spot) randomized again. make the hunting aspect alive. make it require coordination, teamwork, and luck as it used to.

2.buff the HP of demon lords to 7-10 times the current hp to prolong the time required to kill so more parties can come,contribute and rewarded.

3.implement new rewarding system based on damage contribution with a min/max
amount of contribution required. minimum to prevent the lazy and max to prevent the exploit. or you can count the highest damage contribution first,substract it from total and calculate the minimum contribution required from this. the point is to reward more people who contribute and because at the end of the day the cube is still RNG.

4.disable event grimoire in DL area.

all in all,
tos randomized field boss location deserve a praise where in other MMORPG its mostly fixed location and mostly end up with exploitation and also toxic behavior.


agree with all of this but

this deserve prioritization ASAP