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Dismantle Karaliene function already in the guide

Looking after a option to dismantle the karaliene, i came upon this OFFICIAL guide from imc:

I think IMC forgot to implement this option.

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Oh wow, I was just about to suggest this game function since crafting the Karaliene accessories takes ages to complete. Is this particular game function exists or working now in KTOS? Thanks and more power!

Looks too elaborate to be a mistake.

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William
Where is this function? because in the game is not available…
Players NEED this as soon as possible, as they make certain karaliene to test based on YOUR post !!

Please solve this problem as fast as you can ! because it is an end game content that players take months to complete !!

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Honestly, every time i’ve taken a peek at the official IMC guides on this site, they have been terribly out of date, so i wouldn’t trust anything they write.

Just saw that IMC removed the function from the guide…

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such an outstanding move.

And just when i thought they had a good idea. Go figure…
It doesn’t even make sense not to do so, since they made the exact same thing for arks.
Oh well, let’s keep poisoning the archstones “mechanic” further, as if enough people didn’t quit enough already just due to that.

They are going to do it. This is a feature in the Korean version of Tree of Savior, but it was added in a later version we haven’t reached yet.

The only mistake was that they added it to their game guide info early. They probably just did a pass over of all their guide information and didn’t realize this wasn’t in the game yet. It will get re-added once we get the appropriate update.