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Disgusting and sneaky imc

You guys are ■■■■■■■ disgusting, you didnt notify that you will patch the transmute. you only announce it after you patch it? bruh. this is stupid af. you really lost my interest in this game.

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What do you mean patch the transmute? What’s going on

You can’t do +2 successes and great successes anymore when doing trasmutations of vaivoras and demon god/goddesses armor, and it came out of the blue. We’ll have news about future changes, but no ETA.

Oh wow, was this already implemented in itos?

they should never have ninja patched it, i lost my trust in them. disgusting

this is even faster than the bg nerf or the singu multiplier removal, what’s next removing some feature before announcing them in dev blog 2 weeks later?

“In preparation for the upcoming reorganization of Item Transmuting system”

more like to create gap from those who already have lv 4 vs those who are attempt to so the snowball effect stay true in this game.

So level 4 Vaivora now requires 8 of them period?

Vaivora 4 always required 8 VVR. It was the transmutor that they nerfed, not allowing the chances for +2 and +max any longer.

Barring the people who made VVR4 early, they had the chances of getting +2 and some even +max. And seeing as these things will get returned again in future, they technically made “profit”

they made the profit anyway because they didn’t need to spend the materials, which is then transformed into a bigger pay-out. I think the developers are just giving back the materials and then you have to upgrade back the lv with a part of that, now without a possible discount.

Even you manage to make lvl4… it will turn back to zero later on…

The idea of ITOS is launch any nerf asap/ post patch so you can’t prepare for it so you’d spend way more later zzz

They always do that.

KToS doesn’t do that, only the greedy IToS company.

KTOS gets the patches about 2-4 days afterwards, there is no real time to prepare accordingly, and some changes are also taken back,so prepers are more likely to do themselves harm compared to us,who usually have about 2 months to prepare for changes.
What annoys me more is how we tend to skip a lot of updates that had substantial impact in between system changes.
This is where the real problem lies, bundled updates prolong the time for class balances,item adjustments,bug fixes and so on.

When storage system patch come , all vaivora , goddess , demon ichors will return to level 1 , all materials ,silver used will also return . The cost of leveling them up to max will reduce so u will make it back to max in no time.

I think this patch have a great impact to Saviors, especially to who have buy Leticia’s Secret Cube for Transmutor but still on their way on LV4 Vaivora. Hope they can provide proper compensate to Saviors who have impact by this patch as soon as possible. If not, I think I will start my legal act to fight for my consumer rights from Taiwan.

Note that kTos, iTos and TwTos all take this patch without any preparation time, only JToS has about 1 day delay.

That would be 4-6 months in the future for iTos, which is not exactly a short period of time

this is always the case in korean mmo , you pay more to get ahead of the curve , and later the curve slowly catch up . You still get your materials back .Ktos has Thank-you TP package to user based on TP used so lets see if allTos will have that

Well, generally the catch up curve is acceptable if it have proper planed. But in todays case. take twTos as example. They just sell Leticia with Transmutor about two weeks ago, and suddenly the container value changed depend on something with unknow schedule things. I don’t think this is acceptable.

storage system is in July on Ktos , so you can guess when its live

Yes, we can guess the live schedule from previous excrescence. That is also no acceptable to me. So I will choose to try to do some reaction to against this.