Discussion about tanks after rebuild


I want to know with other main tanks (i know you guys exist, i am one), what do you think this meta of dps, where we only get in reality 1 class focused on tanking.
Here are my thoughts:
Murmillo don’t get 50% full time reduction anymore and don’t give extra threat.
Rodelero is a slug and is too much of a single target… almost.
Templar works better on a GvG situation and the flying colors has great potential to ruin your aggro by boosting your team’s dps.
Matador is more like a dps than a tank, really.
Hackapell… now one skill scales with atkspeed, that’s some progress…
Peltasta is the only class it feels that is made for a tank. And after rebuild its is really weird trying to generate enough threat with half of its skills and they left shield log…
I really hope they make another class meant for tanks, with things that helps with aggro administration.
Not to mention on pvp scenario… peltasta alone on pvp can do really well on small match ups, but on large situations as GvG and Boruta it lacks things to say its a tank…
What do you guys think? Do any of you gets problems with maintaining your threat levels?


I don’t think we need a new class to make tanks viable. They just need to make more reason/content for us to build a tank.


My point is that as a main tank, i barely can keep up with the threat generation and on some cases i simply lose the aggro ending with that situation of 10s me 20s one of the dps…
And I m with endgame gear and had to invest a lot on my shield and equips that give more damage just to keep up with the threat generation.

I m suggesting one more class focused on tanking because right now there are too few options and they usually make you an aggro fighter, not a tank.
And because they removed half of the damage skills from Peltasta on Rebuild, and reduced the multiplier to 1/5, contents like Boruta and World Bosses you will probably not hold the aggro.

One more point is that right now, Outlaw can generate way more threat than you can even dream with a optimal threat generating build with a Swordsman…

And there is a problem with making a content that you must bring a tank is that will create a meta… and that doesnt seems to be imc intentions.
Actually you can bring one tank on your party for the legend raids and other contents that he will probably make the run way more smooth for every one, especially for the healer.


In the current meta Lancer is almost the only viable swordman class to GvG because of debuff resistences, making them an excellent tanker if used correctly. They have immunity to debuffs, very fast moviment speed, many dash skills to escape, remove shield, dismount enemies and a very good damage combo.


Not to mention the hard shield bug that a lot of ppl are abusing just to have more defence using two handed weapons…:hey: