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Discord servers for bots?

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    Since we’re shooting at botters that are in big guilds~ I found some juicy things that we can shoot at more~ \o/ Anyone know these names? How kind of them to even use their names. Wonder what guild they’re from?

Maybe you guys can teach me too? :wink:


Hi @Kenken33,

Thank you for bringing this matter to us. We will further investigate your report.

Pls teach me after u learn it senpai :kissing_heart:

It’s not hacking teleport bot and stupid than macro bot

senpaiiiiiiiiiiiiii, teach me pls

i recognize 2 of them - SoulSlasher members… oopsies (it may/ may not be
from their guild discord

Ban all of them, but where did you get these pics? doesnt this imply you also tried joining a discord for botting? or you got them from an acquaintance or perhaps a guildmember that is botting aswell? is anyone trully clean now? so much double standards floating around.

Apparently if you ask them nice enough. They give the link to ya :DD so kind people. And this is from an acquaintance that has been invited to the server. :smiley: It’s up to ya how ya wanna interpret. Just putting this here for something to think about.

your profile picture… remind me of potato-chan from …youtube

because it’s her. Infinite try to make a statement that beside them, SoulSlasher are botters guild too.

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Mods are completely incompetent in their jobs. It really is IMC’s fault overall. Remember that they won’t even claim they have bots. They call them “24-hour hardcore.”

IMC is killing their own game.
IMC is killing their own game.
IMC is killing their own game.