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[Discord ROBOT] Rawr! Show TOS info in Discord

This is a robot which will show items and other Tree of Savior info directly on your Discord Server, so you will be able to access it quickly. It is for convenience. Please read this post for a brief explanation of some of its functions.

The robot gets information from:
-Tree of Savior official announcements
-Translation Pastebin
-Tosneet database

RAWR Robot commands

The robot is named !rawr.


To use the robot, type !rawr and add a command.


Example News command

The official Tree of Savior announcements are displayed. You may select a link.

Example of item command

This was generated by:
!rawr get masinios, and hitting enter.


then, typing 4 and hitting enter to select the bow. The selection display will automatically disappear and a new item display will replace it:

Example Skill command

Type !rawr skill sr, and hit enter.


Then select Limacon by typing 3 and hitting enter. The selection-display is automatically deleted and changed to the new display of Limacon.

Note: currently the skill % factor damage does not show yet, however it will be updated to show in Discord soon.

Robot Link

It is recommended to use this robot in a separate Discord Room on your server because the Display is big for some commands.

If you like this robot, you may use it by giving it permissions:

In Development

This robot is in development, more functions shall be added.
The final product aims to be similar to this, please click on the image below to view the animation.

Please reply to this post or contact @Jiyuu for development suggestions, questions, (…).
Github Link:


Sorry, I dropped the ball!
I’ve put this project in cryonics. sorry that i can’t fulfill the promised i made.



Preview of function,
@Jiyuu @Mikumo


Apologies for the late notice.

Due to (source for Rawrr search feature) not up-to-date / dropped by the owner, some item(s) information might be not accurate.

Several promised additional features such as hidden class(es) unlock guide & better Leveling guide(?) also delayed because of my personal issue and lack of knowledge (technical problems).

thanks for using Rawrr!! and sorry for the inconvenience.


Search function is back!!!

!rawr get <item_name>
!rawr skill <class_name>

thanks to Nova for the help.


Ohhh finally! I’ve been waiting for some updates about Rawr as well… Tos neet is alive again tho. will you have some more upcoming updates for it??

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@Jiyuu, great work :satisfaction:

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hmm can’t use it anymore

Can’t be used anymore :frowning: