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Guys, I know… it’s me again! I just wanted to say good afternoon because my daddy runs the country. Have a nice day <3


wat? There is history with that phrase that doesn’t pertain to Mindy’s spam… I think it went over your head. Don’t have a melt down man. xD


Nah, you wish. Keep spamming :stuck_out_tongue:


Mindy please. Dear lord please. Stop.


I’m going from a guild member of Slygoat’s on Klaipedia to a cosplaying girl doing twitch streaming with a “squad” on Orsha? Interesting theory…

I’m also way too good to be her. I was top 100 in league when I played… and I’m top grandmaster in hots right now… I think I mentioned that before along with my proper name when I introduced myself. She’s not.


Indeed. Now people realize who is the annoying spammer who is desperately craving for attention and reassurance. It’s sad an average male like Mindy has to create like 10 accounts to do self-publicity. I mean, he can just create an alt and at least pretend to have a simple conversation instead of having a botnet army. Oh well, typical Asian leftovers.


Congratz! Your virtual narcissistic levels are up the roof!


Are you mad I trolled your friend till he left? He needed a break… 18 hour days… for weeks…


(im back… no… im not back as in back ingame, not back to forum either…)

(quit dead guy cant talk, right?)

(can i still post, coz i quit the game… but the bond we had was real…)

(i miss u Raspy)


Eats popcorn This shall be a blessing.


He’s not another one of your alts? I figured he was just a guild member on your discord or mumble.


Raspy, Mindy , Mandy , Cindy , Nancy , Bob , Bush , Trump.

All these names. All the same to me.

Looks like Mindy-Dookie-Doo , is still thirsty for pickles. Tisk tisk tisk


I’ve been found out!


He should be glad we’re doing negative publicity for him. I think they should reward us instead of trashtalking~


wow, we were being that kind, weren’t we ?


We always have been.


(told u i dont have any alt so far… i might be a troll, but im trustworthy u know… lying wouldnt do me any good, and my source of enjoyment have always been mocking IMC’s incompetency and people’s perception to whats a modern MMO is… remember Class Reset Thread…)

(and oh, i do make fun of people, sarcasm, dark humor, something along that…)

(though i do have a 3rd account, havent login that yet… and i dont see any reason to login now that i quit dead…)

(gimme a ghostly hi5~ )


We’re talking about me not you Hauk. Don’t let your ego get in the way.


Woah you managed to summon the Hue Lord



(was replying to this)