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Disappearing Quest, bug?

I was in Gytis Settlement Area and I noticed that there was withering crops and I could pick them so I did.

When I got past the Zulufi Vacant Lot and after talking to Soldier Dennis I noticed there was a farmer asking me to pick all of his withering crops and toss them into a bonfire. But for someone reason I wasn’t able to do it. I wanted to go through the map real quick and finish some quests and come back.

I never saw the quest name and I didn’t check the quest list in F5.

By the time I did, he was gone. So was the bonfire and all the rest of the withering crops. And I still have the crops in my quest materials and I have no idea what is going on.

I went through the quest list here:

And the quest isn’t here at all. I’m lost at what to do.

Oh and I completed the Antidote quest but it’s still on my quest list.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a quest, but some sort of map gimmick.

it’s a gimmick and it has time limited. don’t worry about it.

Those are timed quests. You can find another one at Fedimian Suburbs where some merchant will ask you to bring back all the supplies he lost. Should be done in a party, as usually you need to collect a crapton of stuff in a limited amount of time.

How come it didn’t tell me it was a timed quest?

I think you have to talk to the NPC for these quests which will tell you how many items you have fetched and the time you have left to retrieve everything.

I know it told me to get all the dead crops but it never said I had x minutes or anything like that.

I had more disappearing quests, not timed ones.

It is in Stogas Plateau.

I had 3 quests pop up on my quest list, I had them checked, I went to Stogas Plateau and they disappeared.

I looked them up and this is them:

Soldiers Belongings

The weird thing is that one of them popped back up. I was killing monsters in the quest area, Soldier’s Camp and got quest items and it triggered The Story Behind Them to pop up.

Suddenly a blue flag was up and it I had the quest on the right side of the screen but not the F5 quest list.

Trying to accomplish the vanished quests now.

Gytis Settlement is not a disappearing quest unlike what happened in Vedas Plateau which eventually returned once I triggered something.

Gytis Settlement is a GIMMICK.

I didn’t know until today when I went back and wait for it to be triggered thinking it was a timed quest like some other quests I have done.

The dead plants popped up and I clicked on them and it let me know it was a gimmick.

You collect 400 dead plants and burn them in a big bonfire next to the settler in the village area. You do it in intervals of 20 dead plants at a time.

I think you get an hour to do it.

It popped up shortly before 2pm on the game server. I got it done by myself at 2:27pm.

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what’s the content of those pouches and chest?