Different of legend and normal card


Hello guys i am a returned player that confused with the new content, can anyone with experience mind to tell what is the different between normal and legend card, and can someone clarify what is the percentage increase for the new card system example level 1 star summon card vs level 10 star summon card attack stat difference? Btw i heard marnox is no longer the strongest summon is that true?


aside from different effect as described if you equip it normally, summoning a legend is only for cosmetic. For summon, stick with the non-legend one


ohh i thought legend cards summon are stronger,:stuck_out_tongue: thanks you for clarify sir. Btw if sir know what is the best sorcerer boss summon card for now in ReBuild patch?


non riding: netherborvine, temple shooter, marnox.
riding: marnox, froster lord


I actually really like Templeshooter for riding. The S skill is much easier to aim now and Templeshooter has 3 riding skills as compared to 2 for most. Froster Lord would still be my number 1 pick just because it is good and cheap.

I hope they buff the other summons. Those Demon Lord bosses like Helgasercle/Nuaele/Mirtis/Riteris are so cool looking but are not as strong.


What about the level of summon card? I don’t feel a lv10 card is much stronger than a lv1…


There are these shining legend or dark card album whatever i cant remember the full name :sweat_smile:
But what are these card album? It so expensive on the market thought? Does it summon marnox or whatever?:roll_eyes:


lv 10 has more hp than lv 1. I dont think you can rely on summon for your main DPS


Oh, but even then lv1 has enough HP, or so it was before. Haven’t played summoner for sooo long.


lv 1 HP is not long enough for end game content, imo