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【Dievdirbys - Druid - Priest】West Jungle Dimensional Collapse Point Stage 10

Video Description : Usually there should be 2 different healers. 1 healer is a huge risk vs all these gimmicks around the map. PD is definitely a better choice for speed + aoe heal. Druid is good too as long as you can keep up the grass.

✦ About Dimensional Collapse Point:
✦ Skills Build:
✦ Gears (at the end):

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Definitely depends on your gear level. We’ve been clearing stage 11 with only one healer, and 11 is intentionally a very large step up in difficulty over 10. The monsters have almost double the HP, there are far more gimmicks happening at once, and they all do much more damage.

We’re mostly top end gear, but 10 should be doable with one healer as long as everyone is relatively equipped. KR already has players soloing stage 10, even.

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