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Diev Owls Question

What type of damage do the owls have?
Are they benefited from critical and magic/physical damage buffs?
Do they work with cards such as Winona Ende, Biteregina + Velnia Monkey cards etc?

Owl state scaled based on Magic attack + SPR stats. Unlike summoner classes from Wizard, they aren’t benefit from any additional stats like critical rate, extra damage-type, etc. Cards doesn’t work on owl either.

As @shanochitos mentioned, owl statues are scaled with Magic Attack and SPR. Owl statues are considered summons, however they currently did not get the bonuses/buffs that wizard summons got. If you are doing an owl statue build, it is best to use summoner set/ichors. Miko is a a “necessity” for an owl statue build. You will also need to heal statues.
Here is a video of one of the top Diev DPS owl builds that I’ve currently seen:

Please note, I believe he is not completely geared towards the build and this is just his alt (If I remember correctly).
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I use owls for interception of mobs during challnge mode… they aggro a little bit and take the damage. kinda useful during DS and CM.