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Diev Carve Attack Art Create Statue

Hello all, got a question about diev carve attack art create statue,

How do i get it to work, say statue of laima and zemnya buff, do i use:

statue of austrine, laima, zemnya, and carve attack create statue? or

statue of austrine, carve attack create statue, laima and zemnya

Thanks in advance

Either method will work, as long as Zemyna and Laima are targeted properly. Ideally though, Ausrine > Laima > Carve Attack > Zemyna > Carve Attack. You also need to make sure both statues are far apart as it can be difficult to target any of them if they overlap.

so i tried divine might, austrine, laima, carve attack, zemnya , carve attack

The duration remains at 17 mins, if carve attack works and increases the statue level by 1, wouldn’t the duration be 20 mins?

art not increase ausrine lv

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Usually, I’ll just use (Hengestone,) Ausrine, Laima, Zemyna, and Carve Attack in that order. Judging by the buff duration and the amount of cooldown reduction I’m getting, it’s working fine.

I don’t think it matters when all of them occupy the same spot.

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divine might, hengestone, austrine, laima,zemyna, carve attack, so that would be 20 minutes duration and 26% cooldown reduction?

There was a post recently asking for Carve Attack: Statue and yes it’s either this or Divine Might, both don’t stack. So if your Diev is also Oracle, Carve Attack is pointless.

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DM and Carve Attack will stack. I’m Ora-Diev-Priest.
For example, for Revive skill:

SP: 320
CD: 2m

With DM only
SP: 166
CD: 1m33s

With DM and Carve Attack:
SP: 156
CD: 1m31


Duration scale with ausrine level which carve owl no effect. So after carve, duration still 17min but cd reduction improved to 26%.

Don’t mix them all together.

So my question would be like … can we just stack them all in one place and carve once or we really need to carve them 1 by 1 … Laima and Zemyna …

Tip: Using world tree if that doesn’t proc on 1st try then use carve to proc it and silence the boss ( you have 5 tries to proc it )

u can move abit distance when craft laima and zemyna

for ex. if u craft like this when u using art, it will only apply to last carve(zemyna)
ps. idk it is fix yet but 3week ago it still like that

so for eziest to use art. craft like this then use carve atk

I see, so its gonna be like that XDD also using it 2 statues apart …