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Didn't receive May 3-4 Maintenance Compensation

Continuing the discussion from [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance and Patch Notes - May 3rd, 2016:

I have not received this. Wondering if anyone else has?

didnt receive it too.

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No signs of the compensation here too.

only happened in Orsha server i guess

Same here, Logged in at around 8:00 am was expecting compensation mail like last week for the maintenance. But there was nothing. Discussing this in with shouts. It seems like some ppl received and some didn’t. There is also some ppl saying that there was a compensation but it was removed super fast afterwards, so basically what I understand is the compensation was super short and you had to grab it in the middle of the night right after servers went back up. Either that or IMC screwed up and/or they were too busy.

I have not received one on Orsha either. (I was so excited to use those EXP tomes while dungeon questing today. Especially since I came home after school excited to play yesterday only to find the server maintenance notice.) (/salty tears)

I didnt get one either on klaipeda. I sent in a ticket. I think it might have something to do with me not deleting my last compensation mail before this one.

We never got the compensation from last week either (the one the day after the 24 hour maint as we did receive that one, the next night there was a 7 hour (shortened to 5) maint that promised 1 tome/reset

I never got compensation for this maintenance either. Pathetic

Didn’t get my compensation either.

Sad face.

No compensation either. Orsha

Nada either! total failure…

I got mine from last week. Haven’t gotten this weeks. Meh. Someone already pointed out the +30% sham.

I got the Compensation but I can’t seem to retrieve it. :confused:

Same here… :confused:

I didn’t receive mines either. I think it has to do with them reusing the past 24 compensation mail to send it out because my 24 hour compensation mail from last time timer has been updated to 5/5/16 which is tomorrow. ._.

Did not receive compensation on Orsha. Same goes with a couple of my friends.

Klap here, no compensantion either.

I would love for a 24 hour extension on tokens too but at LEAST give us the tomes and dungeon resets xD

This is actually what I think as well. Ive seen other games, alot of times the CMs handle compensation things. Sometimes they do that crap manually, when I read Julie was leaving, I just assumed we’d have to wait.