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Didn't got the first clear title and announcement, Lepidoptera Junction:Legend(Hard),

Server: Season[SEA]
Team name: eye
Contrnts: Lepidoptera Junction:Legend(Hard)
After many try, we finally did it.
And we are the only team shows in F10(Contents status Board)
that clear Lepidoptera Junction:Legend(Hard) now.
However, we didn’t got the first clear title and announcement.
Please give us back the title and fix the bug.
Thank You!



where my first pass title :sob:

Same thing happened in NA Seasonal. I guess it’s a bug across all seasonal servers.

please fix for us IMC :sob:

Same issue on NA seasonal – please fix! T___T

yeah @GM_Francis
give back our title

Seasonoobs dont deserve the first clear title that main servers worked hard for

cry me a river seasonoobs

I am pretty sure that on Season Server opening that announced that First Clear Title won’t be obtainable on Season. You guys have to check on its announcement.

And I am pretty sure that Season Server can get first clear title, just check the image NA season player attached. Parallel Existence is the title of first clear Lepidoptera Junction:Legend(Normal).
That’s why both NA and SEA season server player repoorted this problem.
I just curious where u saw the announcement.

  1. I read the clear time for the Legend Raids will be gone. What about the titles?
  • The first kill titles of the New Servers will be preserved.
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Thanks, for showing the proper information, Queue.

Meanwhile no one from IMC Support Team say anything here. I reccommend you all to print this part from announcement, and open a ticket with this image attached (beside your timestamp ingame).

I do hope you get ur title asap.

screenshot the announcement in case for IMC another quick “UPDATE” cos changing patch note/announcement always the easiest solution that IMC do.

IMC pls, you keep disappointing those from old servers already. Now even ■■■■ up new server stuffs?


@GM_Francis @gmt16 @gmazza23 @gmMoba @gmaldonado.2916 @gmaldonado.2916 @gmkalandar,
Could you hellp palyer to got title and repair bug ?
The palyer spend time, money, hard to try again and again,
We just want get glory that we can did.
That sense of accomplishment.

Waow, you guys are doing hard :haha:

On eu we haven’t received a 1st time clear title for lepi normal either. IMC said they’re looking into this, so I hope we’ll hear from them soon.

we got it for normal, so something mustve broke sometime since then

Thank you IMC and gm.
We got the title back.