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DIdnt get compensation after 24 hour maintainence

I am currently on Orsha and I didnt get the compensation as mentioned on this post

Any update for this?

I’ve yet to receive mine either.
So if they haven’t finished passing them out it would be nice to know.
I’m playing on Klaipeda.

Both me and my friend didn’t receive compensation as well. [Orsha]

@STAFF_Ines @STAFF_John @Staff_Julie
Don’t know if this is for everyone or just a few, but please check into this.

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I’m playing on Klaipeda and haven’t received it yet.

Received now! after 1am lol, that took 24 hrs :joy:

I’ve also received mine, although I think they should’ve said “Compensation will be received in the next 24 hours.” or something like that to avoid confusion.