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Did imc forget to add +19 to clover enhancement?

theres something wrong with your clover event for sure? quite sure every1 is experiencing problems going to +19? can we know whats the enhancement rate from +1 to +40?

Well, it feels like i tried more than 10 times getting past +18

it’s +21 and +22 for me and everyone in fedimian and I think Telsial too

try another day … that +19 wall also frustrates me … I anviled after 2 days now im stuck at +20 … +21 wall is harder XDD

Hmm… Telsiai’s rank says no?

Maybe your luck is just too good to roll past 51.2% and keep getting failure :wink:

Did you reach +22? u_u

How do you know the odds? Where is that information?

I saw +22 but I guess they made a gamble and failed … but it should be recorded right? …

Wrong, If one fails and go back they lose position

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IMC stated that this and normal anvil chance are different, so I suspect it is much lower at around 18 and upward, since I get +18 quite a lot of time but only 2-3 times +19 and once +20

Well, i just assume that they won’t do a separate success rate for the clover.
which somehow they did, huh?

long story short: it’s a bad joke :tired:

I think it’s a trap. The system is preset to tell the time, the max enhancement can be + according to the time. :rofl:

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