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Did i waste my time submitting ticket about bug report

i would like to know what is the standard waiting for a simple question
the report you sent is recognize as bug

playing buggy class for month still tolerable but monthS without even a reply
dev simple saying to non meta peasant player to f*ck off

this question is stupid that should be common sense for someone who are devs
Res Sacrae regular mobs boss monster ?
my class is luchador and this skill
works differently on this raid

also this art does not work on player
so i ask imc via ticket what category are player are they boss monster of stationary
i notice it before i accepted as is … but base on description its shouldn’t be

old bug 460 snek patch bug reported sent jan 9 22

using this in raid against bosses like Medusa give them groggy debuff for 10sec prevent them from regular movement when the debuff end they will gain 30sec immunity for groggy debuff , what suppose to happen instead that 30sec became extension for the groggy debuff preventing the boss regular movement for 40sec

after reporting this send video etc … reading patch note on recognize bug its seems its not a BUG?

From my experience, I sent them ticket once to change one of class skill tooltip more than a year ago, a freakin class tooltip, iirc it was paladin defensive skill, they never fix it not until the class get rework.
Imagine how hard it is for them to change class skill tooltip and how hard and longer it’s gonna be to do something that maybe even harder.
When you deal with imc you set the expectation low, that’s the common knowledge.

Imagine how hard it is for them to change class skill tooltip

all i want is 2 answer
its it a bug? if is isnt just answer it NO
if its a bug why its taking too long at least to be written as know bug
4months still no confirmation

is like asking a mechanic you got flat tire
mechanic answer is i will look into it

Totally depends on the nature of the bug, some are much easier for them to fix than others. If you sent a video, and they said they forwarded it on to the department that handles it, they definitely did–just often skill-based bug reports end up a separate ktos post first before we ever see them here (where they break down known bugs/bugs they’re still looking into/and “not bugs”).

Because the itos patches are bundled, often we don’t see small bug fixes or tooltip fixes for several months at a time, but extremely bad bugs that can cause serious problems tend to get pushed to us early. This was something I complained about a few months ago when the GMs were asking everybody questions, because I think the time delay for updates between ktos and itos is just too long, especially for bugs which are technically small to the broader playerbase, but extremely awful for someone trying to understand or enjoy something specific, in this case, playing a class.

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