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Diary of Archer of the Red

Dear Manly Diary,

I Archer of the Red, has been reading all these manly tomes given as payment by those in need of my service. It somehow made me more powerful, more experienced, it has given me more knowledge than doing the tasks at hand has ever given me.

As usual I am building my Spiritual and Dexterous prowess day by day. As I read these tomes and slay these minions of the darkness, I can feel my faith in my skills increases and my fingers remains true to form as I aim my shots with each arrow.

Though sadly these are not good enough, even when I studied under a Fletcher master and a Hunter Master… Also an archer master, almost forgot about my very first teacher, how SHAMEFUL… Anyways, I will need a new master to study under on to take on the stronger foes as I trudge on up North.

I have met two new interesting masters today, both masters shows great efficiency of firearms that feed on gun powder. One master uses a long range, deadly firearm called the rifle, and the other uses a ridiculously huge cannon.

Needless to say I aimed to a more manlier route, so when I feel the time is right I shall seek the tutelage of the Cannoneer Master with a huge cannon that can only be rivaled by her huge… Huge… Reinforced Chest Plates!

Archer of the Red, signing out!


The manly day of the sixth of June.

As days turns to weeks, here in the forest of floating minions wearing malicious hats and deadly claws.

Anywhere you turn death shaped fluff balls of color red bouncing towards for my death.

The flowers means for naught if they represent the stench of the dead, eagerly turning the hapless to a corpse.

The deeper I delve into the forest, the stronger the dark energy, engulfing, it commands hordes after hordes of monsters that rise up from the grass covered ground.

It heeds the call of darkness, endless, all I could do is move my body, though wary, loading bolts, made by own hands, each tip designed different from the next to suit to the situation at hand.

My shot aims true, piercing through the army of darkness, they fall without fail. My shield clashing against head on charges, in definite failure to make me fall.

There is no sense in counting kills, it matters not to the spawns of evil. A new minion shall arise beneath the fallen ones, I lost all hope in finding an end to this.

But Orsha is my home.

And there is a reason for everything.

Everything, even a reason for why the Goddesses fading presence, prayers falling on deaf ears.

Calls unanswered by our Saviors is what made me realize that it is a call for I.

I am Archer of the Red.

A true soldier of Goddess Gabija.

The Warden of Justice for the people of Orsha and around the world.

Minions of darkness beware, the fire of justice!


I think I just read “Alemeth: the rage of the Corpse Flowers”



Lol, it’s true, this is inspired when I was solo grinding in Alemeth Forest!

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totally. this is great btw. I hope you keep it updated once in a while or so :blush:

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I get inspired depending on how long I stayed in a place. So as of now it’s Alemeth Forest. XD

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I like how you described a despicable mob into a beautifully structured diary line! :open_mouth:

For some reason it indirectly reminded me of Yuyuko from Touhou but likewise, IDK if that’s intended too :joy:

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Spams like button until his mouse breaks

I hope i see this a lot!! :3
So nice.

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