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Diary of Archer of the Red - Resurrection

The manly day of 22nd of December,

Who am I before Red?

I was a son of but a humble farmer couple who wanted nothing more but what is best for their simple, but a fulfilling legacy.

A mother and a father who never harmed or sought malice onto another, in fact, quite the opposite, as farmers, opposed to ending life, they made life.

Grew life from the very ground they tended, sprouted sustenance that fed many, in exchange for currencies that in turn used to obtain tools of knowledge.

Knowledge for I to consume, for I to obtain as their wishes are for I to be a being that is honed in the spirit of humbleness, body of a pantheon and with a mind that best the wits of the most enlightened.

Wishful thinking, but I would not dismay the hopes of my own mother and father. I am grateful for their teachings and way of life, grateful for their acts of selflessness, and I am grateful for being blessed with a healthy childhood.

But alas it was not meant for I who has a long journey of life ahead.

As darkness spread the land, ever merciless, corrupting the very lands my parents shed their blood, sweat, hopes, and dreams for a better tomorrow. It was unending, a hungry beasts with a belly void of satisfaction. It claimed and consumed and turned everything in it’s path.

The darkness, ever merciless, shows none for finite hunger, is but a lingering beast with eyes as dark as moonless night, sets its gaze at my loving parents.

I tried…

No matter how hard I tried to avert its gaze.

Please take me instead, do not claim those who do not wish harm on others, no not consume the only people I know who passionately serves others more than their very own.

The darkness did not listen, the beast ignored my plea, I fought it with everything in my power, with my very being to sets it eyes on I instead of my loved ones. Eventually, it did… But the moment I realize those dark eyes turned on me, I was staring at the very eyes of my own mother and father.

Corrupted, warped, seething with hatred that may or may have not been within them as their days of living, my very own parents have been turned into something so grotesque for a shameful minute I wished I was never theirs. The most regrettable minute of my life.

Oh cruel, cruel fate, dealt by savage irony. The very son they honed to be a being of great Servant to the Goddesses, has now been tasked to be their judge and executioner.

My hands… They are always warm. As if the blood never washed away.

The day I discovered I was blessed with a gift was also the day I lost it all.

Who was I before Red?

A weak boy named Raizul, son of two humble farmers, Eckerd and Celena Keiman.

A shameful son who killed his own parents.

My only repentance is to follow the darkness until they forever gaze only at me.

My only retribution is to shut those very eyes… Permanently.

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It’s always nice to read a players life in game told as some kind of lore.
That was a nice read OP.

pls dont be a quit thread…:cry:

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New Archer Job! only a crazy idea though. :smile:

Red Archer

Skill Set

Circle 1

Soul Gaze

Description: A debuff that looks within a target’s soul, when hit changes their element to Dark or Holy. Using on Dark element targets will inflict Fear and Blind status, using on Holy element targets will inflict silence. Requires Stamina to cast.

Creeping Darkness

Description: A buff that enchants your attacks to generate stacks of Creeping Darkness and decreases your attack speed, your attacks instead of dealing outright damage is instead turned into Damage over time but with a 150% increase. your attacks inflict Creeping Darkness debuff that reduces the target’s regeneration and healing efficiency for every stack. Using Soul Gaze whenever a stack is present will deal 200% of your attack to the target for every stack. Requires HP to cast

Repentance and Regret

Description: A buff that enchants your attacks to generate Repentance stacks. Your attacks gain bonus damage depending on your lost HP (meaning the lower your HP the greater the bonus) If Soul Gaze is cast while Repentance stacks are present. You lose HP depending on the number of stacks while increasing your next attack’s damage by a percentage of your lost HP. Cannot cast with Creeping Darkness, will cancel each other out. Requires 10% of your HP to cast.

Freedom from Death

Description: A Buff that puts a counter on your head, it generates stacks as the timer counts down and more stacks if you take damage. If you die before the counter ends you suffer a third (30%) of the penalties of death but you deal Pure damage on enemies around you depending on the number stacks. If the counter ends, you still die but without penalties and you are teleported to a nearest Goddess statue, if no Goddes statue is present, you are randomly teleported to a nearest portal, dying also if the counter ends will suck enemies around you and deal Magical damage depending also on the number of stacks. Requires 50% of your max SP to cast, cannot cast below 50% SP

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It’s not, I actually returned from a hiatus. Which is why I dubbed my latest character’s diary post [Resurrection]

Oh wow that is an interesting build, not sure if I am going to personally play a build that requires you to die though XD. Nonetheless kudos to you for being so creative on skills and descriptions.

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Well, be it praises or sorrows. I wish to hear more song of your tales in the future.

I also wanna write up my time in the game as some sort of epic but I’m no good at writing up material as such.

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