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Dialogue prompt before every cutscene in game

Since tomorrow every time an in-game cutscene is about to start instead of the cutscene playing what I get is this dialogue prompt (same as quest dialogue options prompt) with nothing written on the dialogue box besides “None”.

After I click the first dialogue option the cutscenes plays normally and game resumes normally.

Happens with multiple characters on multiple different servers (Silute and Klaipeda).

Happens with every single cutscene at the first zone of the game

I did a complete reinstallation of the game, but that didn’t fix it.

Sent support a ticked and they told me to verify game’s files through Steam, which, of course, did not fix the problem, as I had already fully reinstalled the game and that did not fix it.

Any ideas? Screenshot and video link below:

This happens to me too since last patch. Clearly a bug, not a problem with game files. Also God Finger Flick doesn’t work anymore: it always says “no target in sight” when using the skill, although the target is clearly set with the little box around the mob. Don’t have any problem with other skills.

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The “no target in sight” thing happened to me yesterday with Joint Penalty as well. I thought I was tripping balls, because the enemies were right in front of me, but it’s apparently a bug others have as well.

Hello Savior,

The issue was fixed today!
We hope you enjoy the game.

Thank you.


Well, I’m still having the same problem with the cutscenes.

Just logged in and created a new character on Silute server and the problem persists.

Still having this issue exactly as much as I was before.

Yes, this is still not fixed… :tired:

I am having the exact same problem. Plus, somehow, quick warp to new episode quests no longer works. (this happened to a character that started with EP 1-2 instead of 1-1)

Sorry for late reply.

We will fix the issue today during on our scheduled maintenance. Therefore please check the issue after the maintenance, and let me know if the matter is persisted.

Thank you!