DGS with assassin in the future


So a friend told me that DGS in the future wouldn’t be cancelled after use dagger skills… That was a lie or this will come sometime? And I saw a video that DGS really didn’t were cancelled, if I find it again, I’ll post here to show.


That would be really nice since I play Assa-BM, but I REALLY doubt it.
Go ahead and find that video if you can.


here, that’s the video


wow thats very nice, ty very much


It is an old video from first week of rebuild in ktest, a loot of things changed. I would not have hope based on this video.


Thx for clearing that up then
I was going to get rid of BM in favor of sheriff anyway tho


I see… thx anyway. I’m sad cuz i’ve already invested in a velcoffer dagger (+11 trans 10) and velcoffer pistol (+11 trans 6)… i’m hoping that sheriff and arditi helped me to decide
which class/weapon should i focus since i’ve spent a lot of money and resources…


How does DGS work right now with assassin?
Can you use assassin skills during DGS, but it will be cancelled?
Or do you first have to un-use DGS manually?


It’ll cancel the stance, but you can use the skill right away, no need to manually cancel.


Hey, you are the one who asked for this information on my guide, right?

So, I’ve tried it on ktest right now. It’s working!


YES :smile:

Thx for the info, thx a lot :laughing: i wasn’t crazy <3


Holy ■■■■ thats so good
You can use behead to teleport and then use BM skills??

Reminds me of gunslinger in RO

its weird because the KTOS/KTEST skills DGS says

automatic weapon swap not possible

but I guess it works, not sure if intended would be sad if they removed it but this is really cool


I wouldnt be suprised if it was only like that on ktest, for example it was like that in the old video and its still like that in the new video
They just never bothered fixing it on ktest or something
Such an IMC thing to do I really wouldnt be suprised, plus it sounds to cool to be true that it will ever be like that here on itos


True… and this could become really OP… the one thing that o wish they improve was DWA (Dual weapon assault from corsair…)


Assa-Enchant-BM is already pretty OP, too bad I am too lazy to farm equips.


mean while at SR’s association…


Yes, it is. I do have a velcoffer pistol +11 trans 6 and velcoffer dagger +11 trans 10, but yesterday i’ve tried this build again and i couldn’t keep myself alive when fighting against bosses (book and those from new HG 390)… i don’t know what i was doing wrong since i usually play quite nice before with bm-assassin…
When i changed to BM-corsair-enchanter, all that stuff disappear and now i can kill everything, including bosses quite quickly, exept that i don’t have many damage skills now…

What do you think i’ve could be doing wrong with bm-assassin?

@lumo.aq in my case, i can’t play with SR cuz i hate that class (i’ve played a lot when we have to farm with SR3 or scout 3 and now i can’t even see this class :joy:)


well idk, for me dog boss is killed exactly when boss soundtrack ends, so it’s about 3 min or less

and my gear is +11 asio pistol trans 8 and +9 asio dagger trans 6, attributes are at 80

dog hits pretty hard tho, want to iframe/kite most of the damage

I’m doing it like this: https://tos.neet.tv/skill-planner#51c82.154555.55177f8191aab1c5.113f744a5a65.1f2c3c5165


why you didn’t get tase?


just a personal taste, I use a very limited amount of buttons
it’s good, yea, but not really fantastic or anything
also, having at least lvl 6-7 siver is a must for me, because I can never recast it on time xD