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Description Mistakes of Fedimian Shield

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time : 25th of July, 10:00 PM Server Time

Bug Description :
I wanted to craft a Fedimian Shield and noticed its bad description

Steps to reproduce the issue (in THIS VERY order:

  1. wrong: "In the fast, There were a lot of shield crafted by Fedimian."
    right: “In the past, lots of shields were crafted in Fedimian.”
  2. wrong: "Since Medzio Diena, the lot of type shield have been crafted due to the dangerous world"
    right: “Since Medzio Diena, a lot of those shields have been made due to all the perils brought to the world.”

Screenshots / Video :

(If anyone has an even better proposal for its correction feel free to offer it)