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Demonic Sanctuary Guide (OLD VERSION)



Hi everyone.

Today I’m going to provide you a guide on clearing Demonic Sanctuary. This is the raid against Giltine and Avataras. Giltine is fought until 30% HP, and then she will leave, forcing Avataras to appear at 50% HP. When Avataras is defeated, you will achieve victory.


This is a very difficult raid and is currently actively being changed in KR. Therefore, some of this guide may become outdated in time. I will do my best to try to keep it up to date.

Please ignore some sloppy screenshots or videos showcasing attacks and mechanics. I’m not an expert at this, but I do want to help.

Raid Difficulties

There are currently 4 versions of this raid.

The battle arena.

Demonic Sanctuary: Legend
This is the regular 5 man version of the raid. It has difficulty settings to make it easier.

You can disable mechanics, or lower the boss ATK and HP. I will be basing my guide on this version but I will explain the differences in the other versions. According to IMC, lowering the difficulty only has an effect on how much Ectonite you obtain after clearing the raid.

Demonic Sanctuary: Automatch
This is the automatch version of the raid for 5 players. It is significantly easier than the other versions and has easier versions of the raid’s mechanics, but they still all function the same. You can queue up for this in the dungeon menu.

Demonic Sanctuary: Guild
This is a guild raid against Giltine. It can be completed once per week and is for 15 players. It is lower difficulty than the 5 man version and has its mechanics based on the automatch version.

Demonic Sanctuary: Blockade Battle
This is the blockade battle against Giltine. It is a harder version of the guild raid for 15 players that can only be accessed if you own a Territory Wars spot. It is also easier than the 5 man version, and also bases its mechanics off of the automatch version.

Party Composition

You will want to have high DPS classes that are geared as much as possible. Most of the damage required is single target, however there are a few reasons you will want AoE damage. Most meta DPS builds that are performing well in WBR or other content will perform well.

You can use 1 or 2 healers, but 2 healers is the more popular choice. Currently, a Paladin using the Devotion attribute with Barrier is very effective, but this will be nerfed soon. Beyond that, having a Pardoner can be very useful for the Increase Magic Defense skill, as almost all damage in this raid is magic. A Kabbalist for Ein Sof is very useful for more maximum HP, as this raid does very high damage.

If you are not using a Paladin, you should have an idea of which player will be tanking the boss. They will need to face it away from the rest of the party. Giltine can be tanked, however Avataras will ignore threat most of the time. The player that tanks Giltine will generally be the one that is doing the most damage, otherwise you can use a Swordsman with Provoke.

Equipment Requirements

As I stated, I will be basing this off of the Legend Raid version, but I will explain for the other difficulties too if there are differences.

In general, you should be in Glacia armor that is +11 or higher and transcended to 10. You should have the demon/goddess armor set for your build and your Vaivora, with Karaliene or Luciferie accessories. This raid demands as much as you can get.

DPS Stats
You will need:

5002 Critical Rating to cap (assuming leather squire shop)
2070 Accuracy (less if you use Monstrance or other evasion reductions)
2852 Block Penetration

Giltine has evasion, while Avataras has block. You need both accuracy and block penetration in order to reliably deal damage to them. In the automatch and guild raid versions, Avataras cannot block. Instead, you just need 2300 accuracy for both.

Consider using cards, enchants from enchant jewels, etc in order to reach the required stats. Do not give up any CON in order to reach these.

Defense Stats
You will want as much Magic Defense and HP as possible. Offsetting is always useful as it reduces your damage taken as well. Both Giltine and Avataras require 2587 Critical Resistance to avoid being hit with critical strikes. This is extremely useful if you can achieve it, but if you cannot get close to or reach that value, don’t bother.

Giltine only has 2587 accuracy, so a Scout or other class with high evasion can actually evade her decently well, but anyone else should not bother trying. Also, Avataras has 6037 accuracy, so it is pointless to try against her, and she is more threatening. Don’t worry about gearing evasion.

You will definitely want to use a Magic Damage Reduction enchant from enchant jewels.

For red cards, both Giltine and Avataras are demons. You can use Moa Cards or Grinender Cards, but Moa Cards are better because they will work on most of her adds as well.

For blue cards, Nuaele Cards should be used. Almost all the damage dealt is magic. Yes, it’s better than Phelixia.

For purple, there are a couple knockbacks in this raid, but only one is actually dangerous, from Naktis. She knocks you back extremely far. You can avoid this if possible so you don’t need to use Gazing Golems, and use the purple card slot for block penetration or accuracy. These are the Noer cards or Vilnius cards. If you are good on these stats, you can also use May cards for critical rate, but her critical resistance is not very high, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching critical cap.

Giltine’s Skills

Here are going to cover the skills Giltine uses. Everyone needs to be aware of these attacks, as she will do them for the entire time she is alive. They are not HP % based. I will try to include images or video where I can.

Demon Summons

Both Giltine and Avataras will periodically summon demons to assist them on a timer. These are small copies of monsters you encounter in the Episode 13 fields such as Darbas goblins, sentinels, etc. You will always start the fight with 1 Darbas Smuggler active. All these can be attacked but they cannot be killed, as their HP will not go below 1. You simply have to deal with them existing. Try to have your tank get aggro of them so they stay under control.

Giltine will remove all of the active summons at 70% HP and 50% HP. Avataras never will. These monsters do not appear in the guild versions of the raid.

Scythe Swing

This is her basic attack and she will do this more than anything. Giltine swings her scythe forward and deals damage to everyone in front. Weaker than you would imagine, it does not do very much damage. This is one of the few physical attacks in the raid.


Giltine has a dash attack forwards with her scythe. It is very fast and she will only ever use it if the tank is too far away from her. It is not threatening and is mostly used for her to move quickly.

Darkness Attack

Giltine spins her scythe above her head, and shoots forward a 3 way dark attack along the ground. Afterward, it goes backwards through her, and hits in the same area behind her. Finally, she throws multiple black mortars through the air that land on random locations near her.

This attack causes a large amount of damage. Both the darkness along the ground and her mortars can be jumped to avoid them. It’s important to keep her faced away from most of the party so this does not hit everyone. In general, because of this attack, anyone that is not tanking Giltine should be standing at her sides, and then they just have to be ready to dodge the mortars. If you are standing underneath her, all 3 projectiles will hit you along the ground.

Dark Lightning

Giltine rises into the air for a moment and places a large red pattern on the ground. Afterwards, she will do a slight knockback around her, and rains down red lightning on random targets in the area of the pattern, with the lightning cascading over a couple seconds.

The red lightning is telegraphed with small red circles on the ground where it’s going to land. In general, if you are walking and don’t have your movement speed slowed, this attack will miss you. Her rising into the air is a good sign to walk around for a couple seconds, and you will avoid the lightning.

If you do get hit, you will get slowed for a couple of seconds and have your defense reduced. Not only will this make you get hit by the rest of the lightning, but it will do more damage because your defense is reduced.

This attack does not do too much damage unless you are stacked on other players (causing you all to soak much more lightning) or if you have stacks of Deathbed Pact. Don’t stand on top of other players and walk to avoid it if you can.

Dark Circles

Giltine will swing her scythe and create 3 dark puddles around her. These will then move outwards from her and move all the way to the edge of the arena.

Touching these puddles instantly deals a large amount of damage to you, and if you stay in it, will continue to deal damage. This will also decrease your healing received, but for a very short duration.

Avataras also uses this same attack.

Shadow Condensation

This is an extremely deadly attack that must be handled with care. It is also the first attack Giltine will always use at the start of the raid. You must always be aware of this.

Giltine will hold her hand out and place a Shadow Condensation above 4-5 player’s heads. This looks almost identical to the Shadowmancer skill. After a second, the shadow bead will explode, dealing damage to anyone nearby it. These can be stacked, so if two players are next to each other, two beads will appear, and both will hit both players, causing death. In general, if you are full HP and do not have any stacks of Deathbed Pact, you can survive one, but it is unlikely you will survive two. To avoid this attack, you must move away from the shadow bead that appears before it explodes.

In addition, upon being hit, you will be blinded (can be cured), and one of two things will occur. A small orb called a Shadow will be created, or Shadow Giltine will appear. Shadow Giltine is a smaller, dark version of Giltine that uses most of Giltine’s regular attacks. Notably, it will use Shadow Condensation shortly after appearing. If anyone is hit by this second Shadow Condensation, she may create another Shadow Giltine, causing a never-ending cycle. It is unknown what the Shadow orb does, but it sits there, can be attacked, but is completely invulnerable. Shadow Giltine can be killed with relative ease through AoE damage.

Giltine will use this attack every 3 minutes after it is used. It is strongly advised that someone in your party uses a timer to keep track of this. You absolutely need to minimize the number of players that are hit with this attack at all times. Players cannot be near each other when it goes off or else they will kill each other, or cause them to run into another player’s bead that explodes. Players must be aware when she will use Shadow Condensation in order to spread out and then move away from the attack.

Avataras will also use this attack, but instead, she will use it every 75 seconds. Avataras will often precede using Shadow Condensation by throwing her arms in the air to create dark puddles. This is a different attack, but they have an extremely similar cooldown, so it is very useful for keeping track of when Shadow Condensation is coming. Finally, when players are hit by this during Avataras, it will instead spawn a Red Shadow or Shadow Avataras. The Red Shadow looks similar to the previous Shadow orb, but it has a dark smoke on it. It can be killed with physical damage only, but its purpose and what it does is unknown. Shadow Avataras will attack with a variety of attacks that Avataras uses, but notably, she will not use Shadow Condensation. She will die similar to Shadow Giltine without too much effort with some AoEs.

Dark Breath

Giltine spins her scythe in front of her while making a pattern on the floor. She will then shoot dark fire from her right side, sweeping it around to her left. The hitbox of this attack moves as the fire does, and the ground pattern shows where it will hit moments before it appears.

She will only use this attack if a player has four stacks of the debuff Deathbed Pact, and then she will generally aim it at that person. This attack does very high damage, often an instant kill, especially if the player has stacks of Deathbed Pact. You can be hit multiple times if the fire stays on you. If you do survive it, you will be inflicted with a 20 second debuff that significantly reduces your healing received.

In general, you will want to be behind her or go to the side of her where the fire will end. The pattern along the ground shows where the fire will appear and the direction it will go, so aim to be away from that side, or run along it to the end and dodge the fire. You will see this attack most often during Followers of Demon God, the portal phases, because players inside the portal will receive Deathbed Pact, so she will use it.

Fire Cone

Giltine will rise into the air, and then place a large yellow cone telegraph along the ground. She will aim this at the person that is currently tanking her, and it will follow them. Shortly after, she will shoot a large stream of fire in their direction, dealing damage.

This attack deals a moderate amount of damage, but it is generally not lethal. It can be tanked safely as long as the target has a good amount of HP. The only goal would be to ensure that she does not hit multiple players with this attack. If you are far enough away, you can avoid it, since cone does not extend forever.

Avataras will also use this attack, but she will aim it at random players, and use it towards 2-3 players at the same time. Again, it is safe to tank the attack, but do not stack them up. If you are close enough to her, you can move to avoid it or use movement skills, but be careful not to cause it to go at someone else. Also, if Deathbed Pact is currently active, do not move too far away or you will die.

Avataras Skills

Double Claw

Avataras swings both her hands, clawing her main target. This is her basic attack that she will use more than anything.

It is a relatively weak physical attack that is generally only dangerous if Deathbed Pact is active or other damage increase modifiers.


Avataras has a dash attack like Giltine, but she will use this regardless of the distance to her target. She will deal moderate damage to anyone in front of her, and also create 3 mirror images that deal damage in the 3 other directions she did not dash, based on her facing.

Be careful not to be standing underneath her when she does this attack. All 4 copies of her deal damage, and if you are underneath her, all 4 will hit you, causing a “shotgun” effect. This will cause significant damage to you.

Avataras Wrath

Avataras raises both of her hands into the air, throwing multiple dark projectiles through the air. This will spawn small grey puddles at random locations in the arena.


These grey puddles will linger for some time before disappearing.

If you go near these puddles, they will move towards where you were. You can move away from the puddle and it will disappear as it will not chase you. If it touches you, it will disappear, deal damage, and inflict 1 stack of Avataras Wrath. This debuff is a special debuff that only comes from touching these puddles and lasts for 30 seconds.

1 stack: Movement speed is significantly slowed. This will make it hard to dodge.
2 stacks: Blinded. This can be cured.
3 stacks: You can no longer jump.

Most of the time you will be touching these puddles without realizing in some of the chaotic phases of the fight. If you can, avoid them, or even bait them to cause them to move and disappear. They do a decent amount of damage, but generally is only lethal if you touch multiple in a short period of time. Even in this picture, there are 3 right next to each other, so it is important to be careful in situations like this.

Crystal Rain

Avataras holds her purple crystal into the air, and it fires forth a salvo of dark projectiles at random players. These track player positions and will repeatedly fire at them for a short time. In addition, she will fire a few different projectiles that create purple puddles in random locations. These puddles deal very high damage every second to players that stand in them.


This attack can be very deadly if you soak all of the projectiles, especially if Deathbed Pact or other damage modifiers are active. In general, you can avoid it simply by walking when you see her start to perform the attack. All of the projectiles will hit the ground behind you as you walk. If you are slowed by Avataras Wrath, you may have a hard time avoiding it.

Be careful not to walk near other players while this is being used. You will hit them or they will hit you with their projectiles.

Dark Explosion

Avataras faces a random player and throws forth a small dark projectile. It will travel a short distance, and then explode, creating many smaller explosions in a wide 180 degree area in front of her.

There is a safe spot to avoid the smaller explosions in between, but generally this is difficult to rely on due to how fast the attack is executed. In addition, it’s possible to get hit by multiple overlapping smaller explosions, causing very high damage to be taken.

The best way to handle this attack is to ensure people are at full HP. If you are going to be in the area of the attack, get behind her as quickly as you can, using movement skills if necessary. This attack can also be iframed with the correct timing (as shown in the video). If you are hit, you will receive a healing reduction debuff for 3 seconds. This generally makes the potion you use afterward in response to getting hit useless, so be careful.

Dark Burst

Avataras faces a random player and holds out her hand. Red arrow telegraphs appear along the ground, and then she quickly shoots a dark purple blast along the ground. This attack is extremely fast and can hit multiple times if you are standing in the intersection of it. It hits in an area like this:


In general, you will take the most damage if you are right in front of her, and most other times you will be fine. This attack can easily kill you if you are standing in the wrong spot. The best way to avoid this is to jump in reaction to seeing the red arrows along the ground, as jumping completely avoids this attack. If she suddenly turns to face you, you see the red arrows, or she just stares at you for a second, jump. She is likely using this attack.

Blast Magic Power

Avataras holds out both of her hands and puts her purple crystal in front of her. She puts a cast bar above her head, charges up, and then fires a powerful blast forwards. This attack hits in a long, wide cone in front of her, hitting 3-4 times instantaneously on any target in range.

Avataras will only use this attack in response to someone being far away with 4 stacks of Deathbed Pact. She will instantly react, turn toward them, and begin charging this. It has a cooldown, so if she shoots it, she will wait a while before using it again. Because the attack hits 3-4 times instantaneously, it will often (or always) kill even if Revive is active, and it deals an extreme amount of damage.

You should always avoid getting 4 stacks of Deathbed Pact, but if someone does, expect this to happen. Any player needs to quickly and immediately get out of the way. Use movement skills, get behind her, or run far to the side. Anyone hit likely will not survive. You can also iframe this attack or outrange it if you run away.

Mechanic Explanations

Unlike previous raids, every mechanic has a name and is called out ahead of time at the top of your screen before it happens. Most of them occur at set HP intervals, others occur on a timer, and some occur based on both HP and time. Mechanics that occur based on HP and time will repeat as long as her HP is in the range required for them to activate, if her HP has not dropped far enough before they are timed to trigger again.

I will explain every mechanic, in the order they appear in the raid. It’s important to understand what these mean in order to best prepare for what is about to happen.

Tree of Apocalypse

This mechanic can be disabled in the 5 man Legend version of the raid.

Small tree trunks will appear at the square open areas of the arena. They start appearing in the northwest, then appear at each location one by one, before the last one appears in the southeast.

If a tree is left alone, it will spawn more trees near it after some time. You can ignore most of the trees, however, they will cover all of the safe locations, so you will need to kill the one that appears where you are fighting the boss.

The tree creates a big dark circle around it. While standing in the circle, your Movement Speed is fixed to 20, your damage taken is increased by 100%, and you will periodically take 20,000 damage. If you walk out of the tree circle, you will be left with a long debuff that keeps your Movement Speed locked, but instead of increasing damage taken, it will reduce your damage dealt by 50%. If you kill the tree, the debuffs will be removed and the circle will disappear.

The tree cannot take damage unless a set number of players are inside of the circle. It has been stated that less players are required to stand in it for automatch. The tree dies very quickly if attacked with sufficient players in the circle, so those debuffs generally are not a big deal if it is killed quickly. In addition, if you are fighting the boss at the southern/southeast section (my preferred location), she will begin casting Dense Curse after the tree appears, so it is safe to defeat it quickly without worry.

Dense Curse

Some time after using Tree of Apocalypse, you will be warned that Dense Curse will activate. Again, this mechanic will not occur if Tree of Apocalypse is disabled.

Shortly after, the boss (Giltine or Avataras) will begin a 3 second cast of “Dense Curse.” This will inflict all players with a 40 second debuff that deals 15,000 damage per second, lowers defense by 50%, and reduces healing received by 50%.

In order to avoid this, 4 shadow circles will appear in the arena when she begins casting. NW, SW, Center, and SE.


If one player is standing in the exact center (really, the center) of each of these circles when she finishes casting, the debuff will not be inflicted.

In general, when Tree of Apocalypse is called, you should expect to be ready to go do Dense Curse soon. Have 4 players assigned to each direction to handle this when it comes up. If Flames of the Beginning is currently active, then it is not possible to do this mechanic and you will simply have to deal with the debuff. If you get debuffed anyways, then someone was not standing in the exact center of the circle.

If you know the timing, it is possible to iframe the application of the debuff (for that one person).

Chocking Death

Shortly after this mechanic is called, dark tornadoes will appear at random locations of the arena, generally the middle.


These tornadoes will sit and do nothing until a player comes near them. Afterward, they will actively chase that player around for about 5 seconds until they touch them. If the player touches the tornado, they will be raised into the air for 4 seconds, and then dropped down. This deals no damage but leaves a debuff.

This debuff lowers your Attack stats by 60% for 30 seconds. This mechanic is not damaging in any way, but can greatly slow down your damage dealt to the boss.

Declaration of Fear

Giltine will place a red crosshair on the player furthest away from her.


Afterwards, she will rise into the air, and throw a demonic lance at her target.

Avataras will use this attack as well, but has no animation for it. You will still have a crosshair though.

This attack deals 10 million damage to the player hit. However, if other players are standing in between, they will significantly reduce the damage dealt and also take damage. Each additional player reduces the damage taken and splits it among your party.

In general, you should be safe if only 1 person soaks the damage with the target. This usually will be the healer and they purposely stand far away when the attack is coming up in order to forcefully be targeted. This attack deals true damage, so any enrage stacks or portal stacks on the boss will not cause it to hurt any more. However, Deathbed Pact makes this attack very lethal, so it is important to be careful if that is active. Use damage reductions such as Foretell, wait for deathbed stacks to fade, or have more players soak. Try not to die to this attack.

Any player hit will be rooted to the ground for 2 seconds, and then be left with a 20(?) second bleed that deals 30,000 damage every 2 seconds. They will also receive 90% less healing while rooted, so using a potion or heal in response to being hit immediately will be useless. Even though it’s generally not difficult to get many players to soak this, you generally only want 1-2 extra players to get hit, as the bleed can be quite painful.

Finally, you can iframe this attack. If only 1 player is hit and they iframe it, everything is fine. However, if one of the players in between iframes it, then they will not reduce the damage dealt. Do not iframe this if you are soaking it to help someone, and do not try to iframe it if you are aimed at and someone tries to save you. You will kill them.

Ripple of Chaos

Giltine will place an icon of a ghost sticking its tongue out on all players except the tank.


After 3 seconds, they will spew out a small bit of black gas in front of them.


If a player is in this direction, they will take moderate damage. Because of this, you want to be sure you’re not facing any other player when this goes off. Generally this will not kill, but if multiple players spew at the same person, they may die.

However, if you are facing Giltine or Avataras when this goes off, she will receive a stack of a debuff for every ghost that was shot at her for 40 seconds. This debuff does nothing unless it reaches 4 stacks, at which point she will be stunned for 5 seconds. While stunned, she will take 100% increased final damage.

If anyone is dead, it is unlikely you will get enough ghosts in order to stun the boss, as you need 4 ghosts to do so. Avataras will sometimes place ghosts on all 5 players; you still only need 4. Even if you don’t get all 4, sometimes she will repeat Ripple of Chaos in a short time afterward, allowing you to get the rest. You certainly do not have to bother stunning her, but with proper timing of skills and cooldowns, you can deal significant damage to the boss. Just be careful not to hurt anyone else. The best way to handle it is generally standing in a circle around the boss facing her, so that no one else gets hit.

In automatch, you need 5 debuff stacks in order to stun her. This makes it impossible most of the time. In the guild version, it does not seem to work most of the time; she simply doesn’t receive stacks. I have seen her at times get up to 7 and that was not sufficient to stun her, but most of the time it just doesn’t work.


Followers of Demon God

This mechanic requires that you split your party into two groups. This mechanic must be handled with care, as it can end an attempt.

A short time after being called, it will call out a separate mechanic, saying that Warp Magic Circle of Followers of Demon God will be created.


This will create a Warp Portal in the southwest corner of the room.


You will want 1 DPS and 1 healer to enter this portal. If you only have one healer in your group, that’s fine; they will need to go. The players outside will need to survive with no healer, but this should be okay. Inside the portal, there is a path to the north and to the south. In the 5 man and automatch versions, you only need to worry about the south. In the guild version, the mechanic must be handled in both the north and the south correctly.

There is a variety of monsters that appear to attack you. If all monsters are defeated, they will respawn infinitely. Killing any individual monster is fine, they will only respawn if all of them are defeated at once. In addition, they have a soft health regeneration effect if they are near the crystal in the center of the room. Upon defeating any of these monsters, you will receive a debuff that inflicts damage over time. If Deathbed Pact is active, this debuff is deadly and will require constant healing to survive.

After some time, you will receive a warning that 10 seconds remain, and then 5 seconds remain.


When there are 5 seconds remaining, all monsters in the room must be defeated at once. If they are defeated in time, they will not respawn, and the mechanic will be completed successfully. To accomplish this, it is generally a good idea to try to defeat all of the monsters except 1-2, and then wait for the 5 second call to defeat them. Alternatively, you can try to keep their health low (though this may be difficult with the health regeneration), or simply wait until the end and AoE them all at once. What works best for you will depend on your DPS and class build.

If there are any monsters remaining in the room when the timer ends, they will disappear, and the boss will receive 1 stack of a buff for every monster remaining. This buff increases the ATK and DEF of the boss by 20% for each stack, up to 8 stacks. This is an extremely potent buff, and it will last until another portal phase happens, which can be a very long period of time (or forever). Generally 1-2 stacks are okay but painful, but any more than that may warrant a restart of the raid. With 8 stacks, she will have 160% increased attack and defense. Not only will most of her attacks kill anyone instantly, but she will take very little damage. Handle this mechanic with care, as it will happen multiple times throughout the fight.

Finally, when it’s time to exit the portal room, be careful. If you exit while Flames of the Beginning is active, you will be burned immediately. If Deathbed Pact is also active, this is almost certainly death. Consider these two things when deciding to exit and communicate with your party.

Deathbed Pact

A short time after this mechanic is called, the boss will activate a debuff on all players for 40 seconds. This debuff scales in stacks based on how far aware you are from the boss, going from 0 to 4. If you are very close, you will have 0 stacks, but if you are far, you can get up to 4 stacks.

Each stack of this debuff causes you to take more damage from everything. The damage increase is very potent, with 4 stacks being deadly, and causing most attacks to kill you in 1-2 hits. Some mechanics will kill you easily if you have 4 stacks. In addition, when Giltine detects a player reaches 4 stacks, she will turn toward them and use Dark Breath. If Avataras detects a player with 4 stacks, she will turn toward them and use Blast Magic Power. Both of these attacks have a cooldown, so they will not be repeated after use for some time. If a player has 4 stacks, they will be warned with a black magic circle rotating at their feet.


If a player is in the portal room, they will be very far from the boss while this is active, so they will undoubtedly have 4 stacks. This will cause Giltine and Avataras to use their attacks. However, Avataras requires vision of the player to use her’s, so she will likely stop and stare at the portal trying to use the attack for 5 seconds, and then give up. The stacks will make the portal room painful, so the healer will need to be ready to heal inside. The players outside must stay close to the boss if possible to minimize stacks and stay alive.

A short time after it is activated, the mechanic will be disabled with no warning. When the mechanic is disabled, moving closer and further from the boss will no longer modify the debuff stacks, however, you will be left remaining with however many stacks you had when the mechanic ended until the debuff wears off.

In general, if you have stacks of this debuff, you should play safely. Most attacks become very deadly if you are hit, and almost everything in this raid can be dodged. Think carefully about what you do while this is active on you, and try not to get hit by anything.

Defensive Device of the Demon God

This mechanic can be disabled in the 5 player legend raid.

A short time after this mechanic is called, 2 lightning wires will appear. These move across the room, crisscrossing with each other and moving back and forth. They are connected by pink moons.

Touching these wires will stun you for 3 seconds. This deals no damage. Afterward, you will receive a 30 second debuff that provides immunity to the wire, however, if you touch anyone else, they will be stunned for the same length of time, and then they will receive the same debuff.


As a result, it is possible to perpetuate and spread this debuff forever, even after the lightning wires disappear, if players keep touching each other.

The lightning wires can be jumped over quite reliably, allowing you to avoid touching them. Sometimes it is a good idea to intentionally touch them to become immune ahead of an upcoming mechanic. However you choose to handle it, they will be active for some time before disappearing and coming back again later. If you can, be careful about touching and stunning others. Most mechanics in this raid do encourage spreading out, but some mechanics limit the amount of space you have.

Cursed Heretic

Everyone’s favorite mechanic. This mechanic has caused such an extreme amount of discussion, anger, changes, etc. It must be handled with care.

A short time after being called, 1-3 players will be inflicted the debuff Cursed Heretic for 20 seconds. This debuff will cause the boss to gain a stacking 10% Attack buff every time the player attacks and deals damage to the boss. It caps at a maximum of 20 stacks (200% ATK), lasts for 30 seconds, and the duration refreshes every time it gains a stack. If the player has any pets or summons, they will also grant the boss stacks on hit, quickly granting many stacks.

In any case, this mechanic must be handled very carefully. If the boss reaches maximum stacks, many of her attacks will now kill players in just one hit. Try to stop attacking when Cursed Heretic is called, and only resume once you know you do not have the debuff.

Flames of the Beginning

A short time after being called, all of the “roads” of the boss room will be covered in flames. This will significantly limit your ability to move around.

Touching these flames will inflict you with a debuff for 10 seconds that causes you to take heavy damage over time and drain your SP. The fire debuff will spread to other players if you go near them. The flame debuff will repeatedly spread if players do not spread out and wait for it to end.

The areas that are not covered are the same areas that Trees of Apocalypse will appear. Because of this, you will have to defeat at least one tree in order to have a safe place to stand. In addition, the flames cover the purple circles used for Dense Curse, so you will not be able to complete that mechanic while they are active. The flames will go away after a set amount of time.

The only remaining thing to be said is that while the Warp Portal looks like it is also covered in fire, the southwest corner of that section actually does not have fire on it, despite it looking like it does. Standing in that spot (the water) is safe and will not burn you.

Don’t stand in the fire.

Frustrated Creature

This mechanic can be disabled in the 5 player legend version of the raid.

A short time after being called, two boss monsters will spawn: Glackuman and Naktis. Glackuman appears in the northwest, while Naktis appears in the southeast. Glackuman is a Mutant, while Naktis is a Demon.

Glackuman has a punch attack, a leap slam (causing him to jump towards player), and a barrage of rock throws. The rock throws are quite annoying because they cause him to stand still.

Naktis has a couple of ranged lightning attacks. She sweeps her lightning from side to side in a channel, and has a cast bar labeled “Attack.” At the end of the cast bar, she will do a significant knockback to anyone in front of her. This sends players flying back, often into fire or some other hazard. Be careful of this.

The main gimmick here is that they both have a buff that makes them invulnerable to damage.

This buff starts at 10 seconds and counts down to 0 on both of them in sync. When it reaches 0, it will check to see if Glackuman and Naktis are next to each other. If they are not, it will refresh and start again. Because of this, you will need to bring them close together and keep them close together long enough for them to defeated. They are not significantly tanky and can be defeated quite quickly, but must be kept close and pulled together, which can be difficult if Glackuman doesn’t stop throwing rocks and doesn’t want to come close.

If they are alive for too long, they will receive a stacking buff that increases their attack stats by 10% over time.


Upon defeating one of the two, the invulnerability will end, but the remaining one will receive a buff that makes them stronger. This increases their attack and defense by 250%, and their movement speed by 50%.


As a result, it’s generally a good idea to defeat them at around the same time. This is not hard to do, because they can only be hurt anyways when they are close together. Just wait for the invulnerability to go down, and AoE them down together. The difficult part of this mechanic is getting them close together to begin with, and dealing with them promptly before they get too strong or other mechanics cause it to become difficult.

Death Marker

A short time after being called, the boss will place a red or yellow debuff and icon above each player. This debuff always starts with 5 stacks.


She will then start placing cones of red and yellow colors in a pizza like pattern around her. These will appear and shuffle 5 times, followed by an explosion, ending the mechanic. The explosion does damage based on how many stacks you have.

To remove stacks, you need to be standing on the opposite color floor pattern from what debuff you have when it shuffles. If you have the red debuff, you must stand on yellow, and vica versa. Every time it shuffles, you must be prepared to move in order to remove another stack. Sometimes you will not have to move. If you stand on the same color, you will instead gain a stack, but never more than 5.

As stated, the explosion will deal damage based on how many stacks you have left when this ends. Anywhere from 0-3 stacks is generally okay as long as you’re full on HP, so it’s not a huge deal to get every single one (unless you have Deathbed Pact). With 0 stacks you will take 0 damage, but with 4-5 stacks, it can be deadly. Even 5 stacks is survivable as long as you have full HP and some general damage reduction modifiers (Foretell, Magic Shield, etc), and you can also iframe the damage.

In general, this mechanic is not as scary as it looks, but you should do your best to handle it properly. It’s okay to ignore most of it and just get 2 slices if need be. Do note that if there is not sufficient room around the boss, she may cause some of the colors to go into the fire and you will be unable to reach the correct color. Do not run into the fire in order to reach it; it’s not worth it. Do your best to move the boss if necessary. Also, if the boss moves, the patterns will follow despite them not appearing to do so until the next shuffle. So, if she moves and you’re standing in a colored cone, you won’t lose a stack despite being in the right spot, because you must be in the correct position relative to where the boss is currently standing.

Finally, don’t run too far away from the boss. The cones are wider near the end, but if Deathbed Pact is active, running far away is an easy way to gain stacks and potentially trigger Blast Magic Power. Also, try not to share pizza slices with anyone else if you can help it. You want to be spread out for the large variety of reasons already explained (lightning wire, their general attacks, etc).


The conditions for this are not fully known. I will do my best to explain what is known.

If the fight is taking too long or the bosses are not dying fast enough, Giltine or Avataras will go Berserk. This will cause the entire room to turn red, and they will begin gaining stacks of a buff called Berserk. The only description of this buff is “Expansion.” What is known is that these stacks go up over time, and sometimes also go down. They make the boss deal extremely high damage and potentially also get tankier; it’s not clear.

If you are seeing this happen, all I can say is to try to increase your DPS and handle mechanics better. You will generally see this if the fight has been going on for 25-30 minutes or longer, but it’s possible to happen even sooner if the boss is dying too slowly.

The Final Phase

Once Avataras reaches 20% HP, the entire room will turn red similar to Berserk. She will activate Flames of the Beginning and the final phase will begin. This is when the fight gets extremely difficult. If Berserk is activated during this phase, the room will change color to more of a purple color.

Avataras seems to deal more damage and also have much more defense in this phase. Mechanics will continue as usual, but now she is very threatening. She will immediately activate Fire Rings, and once the flames expire due to time, she will activate two other entirely new mechanics that are not called out.

Fire Rings
Avataras will surround herself with two fire rings. These rings rotate around her constantly, dealing damage to anyone who touches them. Staying in them will cause repeated damage over time.

These deal moderate to high damage if touched, but are generally not lethal as long as your HP is kept up. Regardless, you should do your best to avoid them.

Avataras will create a large green effect on the ground in the shape of a donut. There will be a center ring (shown in the picture), and a much larger ring in a wide area.

Standing in the center ring, next to the boss, is safe. Nothing bad will happen. However, if you are standing on the “ring” of the donut (in between the center and the outer edge), you will suffer significant damage every second, and receive stacks of a debuff that cause you to deal less damage. Because of this, you must do your best to always be in the center of the donut. Due to how small the area is, attacks become very difficult to avoid, and attacks like Shadow Condensation offer very little room. Sometimes it is a good idea to run out into the damaging area for just a moment so you have room, but be careful as it is extremely painful.

While the donut is small, the fire rings will be disabled. However, some time after appearing, the donut will expand in size, and the safe area to stand will be much larger. She will reactivate her fire rings at this time. Nothing else changes besides how much room you have to stand, so make use of the extra room to avoid attacks. As always, be careful of Deathbed Pact.

After some time, the donut will disappear. She will then repeat a cycle of Flames of the Beginning, small donut, and large donut until defeated.

Sequoia Flame
On top of the above, while the donut is active, periodically a very small Sequoia Flame enemy will appear. It will run in from the outside of the donut to the boss. Every second it will get larger in size before exploding and dealing damage based on how large it was when it explodes.

Most of the time, to be honest, you will not even notice this. It will die to random incidental damage. Regardless, be aware that it exists and kill it if you do see it.

Mechanic Order

This can be used as a soft guide as to when mechanics will occur. Remember that most of these mechanics also occur on a timer, so you may see them repeat outside of these time windows if you are not doing enough DPS.

100%: Shadow Condensation (every 3 minutes)
96.99%: Tree of Apocalypse
94.99%: Chocking Death
89.99%: Declaration of Fear
85.99%: Ripple of Chaos, Defensive Device of the Demon God
84.99%: Followers of Demon God
82.99%: Deathbed Pact
69.99%: Tree of Apocalypse, Frustrated Creature, Death Marker
67.99%: Cursed Heretic
66.99%: Chocking Death
64.99%: Flames of the Beginning
61.99%: Followers of Demon God, Deathbed Pact, Defensive Device of the Demon God
59.99%: Ripple of Chaos, Declaration of Fear
44.99%: Cursed Heretic
43.99%: Chocking Death
41.99%: Deathbed Pact
39.99%: Followers of Demon God, Ripple of Chaos, Tree of Apocalypse, Frustrated Creature
35.99%: Defensive Device of the Demon God, Death Marker
30.99%: Transform into Avataras

50%: Shadow Condensation (every 75 seconds)
48.99%: Ripple of Chaos
46.99%: Flames of the Beginning
44.99%: Defensive Device of the Demon God, Death Marker
42.99%: Declaration of Fear
41.99%: Cursed Heretic, Chocking Death
34.99%: Frustrated Creature
33.99%: Followers of Demon God
32.99%: Deathbed Pact
29.99%: Ripple of Chaos
23.99%: Defensive Device of the Demon God
22.99%: Cursed Heretic
21.99%: Tree of Apocalypse
19.99%: Final Phase, Flames of the Beginning, Chocking Death
17.99%: Declaration of Fear
15.99%: Tree of Apocalypse
14.99%: Frustrated Creature
13.99%: Ripple of Chaos
11.99%: Cursed Heretic
10.99%: Followers of Demon God
9.99%: Defensive Device of the Demon God
7.99%: Deathbed Pact
6.99%: Tree of Apocalypse, Death Marker


Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you in clearing the raid. Feel free to ask any questions here, in-game, or in Discord.


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:rofl: Jokes aside, nice guide! Mind if I share a link to this guide on my Round-Up next week for others to read?


Of course you can, go ahead.


I updated the guide to include information about the random monsters that appear throughout the fight. This required moving some things around to the second post due to character length restrictions on posts.

I also added comments on the Shadow and Red Shadow orbs, and explained Shadow Avataras.

Updated for the new content patch that occurred on 3/30.

I also added a visual of the raid area.

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