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Delmore Hamlet Mission

The mission “Investigating the Protection Cast” says:
"Search the stuff that will trigger the the defense spell.
Two of “the”.


Issues like yours can be posted in the Localization category. :slight_smile:

Noted. I’ll make sure that this gets fixed. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Oh okay, sorry about that.
Thanks for the heads up (:

Wow hi spadow you are in charge of the localization translations? :open_mouth:

I should probably post this in the bug section but is this quest bugged?
For some reason the moment I use the quest object on the casts, 2/4 will show up as nothing and I have to abandon the quest and redo it till it works.

Hey there,

I wouldn’t say I am in charge, but rather an active contributor who likes to fix stuff. :slight_smile:
Hm, have you tried searching for the other 2? If I am correct, the quest implies that you need to search through 4 objects and one of the objects triggers the cast. Hope this helps.

Yeap, I tried checking every single one hoping that I would get 3 of them. It seems to happen quite randomly.
The moment 2/4 casts “are not found” the quest pretty much failed, since we need 3. And the compass can’t be use on the same cast, changing chnls,relog doesn’t seem to reset it either.

Glad to see you here anyway, been a fan since mapledays :grinning:

i have the same prob. how do i go on with this?

I abandon and redo the quest.