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Delmore battlefield hard gimmick guide

forgot told picture so will fix this guide when not lazy
this raid got 2 Phrase
i will skip Phrase 1 since it kinda easy
Phrase 2
Boss action
when boss casting and storm the ground
solution, use jump to avoid damage and clear all buff

one punch
when boss hand got lighting pls go boss behind as soon as possible, the damage can almost kill me ever i full offsetting

Gimmick(got 6, 5 main gimmick)
95%/39% will meteor, choose yellow round on floor wait til meteor hit u, yellow round come in one by one, take u time
if success the floor wont have dark cloud that add boss damage and killing u
if can just try clear 5 bottom place

after meteor end a crystal will appear in random meteor place, take the crystal and go to 5 o’clock, u will see an arrow there, than u will crystallize and boss will rush to u, healer need use Prophecy on this moment to avoid team stun

after boss rush to player who crystallize, at least 2 people go top use ballistic to hit boss, each hit = -3% of boss hp,

boss got 2 buff with number first one will be 5 (def buff), another is darkness count buff, when it stack reach 100, darkness will come and all player need to keep a distance between to avoid damage to other,

Eye will appear and i not sure when, killing eye is top priority and must preform by all dps. must avoid its laser, one it hit player it will multiply

reduce damage buff(after 5 time darkness)
a debuff will reduce u damage to 66k or below, i dont know what skill can cure it but, revive from healer and let boss strom u will clear it, or u can ifarme when boss storm u, remember rebuff after that

i advice player who did it use relic at 20%
kill all eye and
remember clear - damage buff, if not u have no damage to kill boss(except for whale that have giltine card or seal 5 and etc)


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