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Deletion of wastrel and asio selection box from attaque on klaipeda event (NEW! Giltine’s Team Clash)

Date and Time : 16 april 2019

Server Name:fedimien

Team Name:elqanas

Bug Description :the asio and watrel selection box were deleted whith no warning , they have no time limite and description of item doesn t tell that it will be deleted

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i ll be so thankful if this post made it to the devs , so they fix this problem and prevent this type of ting to happen again .

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Yup, and based on them not being deleted earlier a lot of people I know lost boxes from the Blue Orb event cause they were saving them.


  • Special Monster Trappers can be used in regular fields, dungeons, and hunting grounds. The Trappers do not work on elite or boss monsters.
  • Special Monster Trappers must be used near monsters, and they have better chances of trapping monsters with low HP.
  • Monster Energy can be transferred via Team Storage.
  • Monsters can only be summoned with the Tamer’s Blue Orb inside the event mission. They cannot be summoned in cities or other maps.
  • Mission boss levels cannot exceed your own pet monsters’ by more than 100 levels.
  • All mission bosses inside the event mission are Lightning property.
  • You cannot enter the event mission with a Companion. Make sure your Companion is OFFbefore attempting to enter the mission.
  • Becoming incapable of combat inside the event mission results in no penalties to your character. You can also use items like HP potions inside the event mission.
  • Blue Orb Dungeon Coins are consumed only after you defeat the boss, not when you enter the mission. If you fail the mission, it will not consume any Coins.
  • Blue Fragments are calculated for each party member individually based on their specific level data.
  • Blue Cubes and Blue Fragments can be transferred via Team Storage, but not traded.
  • Timed items cannot be traded or transferred via Team Storage.
  • The following items will be automatically deleted at the end of the event period: Blue Cube, Blue Fragment, Monster Energy, Tamer’s Blue Orb, Special Monster Trapper, Blue Orb Dungeon Coin, Fortune Cookie, Believer’s Potion, Asio/Wastrel Weapon Recipe Selection Box.

but thos boxes aren t from monster tamer event they are from attaque on klaipeda event

Link the event webpage

This right?

I see your point but good luck in getting back those Asio and Wastrel boxes because even if you guys are correct,IMC will not compensate your losses.

They had a bug that most of us couldn’t played the game over 2 months (getting the vga error message which automatically kick us out TOS.This happen if you interact with any npcs or objects such as the tele statues,daily board,etc.The bug was so horrible that even if you just stood still it will still happen ~ between 1 second to 1 minute upon logging in.)miss so many events along with opportunities.

Guess what we made many threads about it,Staffs answered and later was fix for most of us but we had 0 compensation.

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I had 200 believer’s potion from previous events and I was wondering why those got deleted, what a shame.

this happended to me as well. since the boxes are consolidated to the monster tamer event. they deleted it along with it…

its so sade to see that the devs give so little attention to players problems , It’s not like it’s something small people have dedicated time to get thos reward , and to see them vanish just like that , that clearly rouen the game experience . there are a lot of player who where dependent en thos box for their build . at least they have to be more attentive to not do such ting again .

same ■■■■ about the fortune cookies from anothers event, all of them delete cus tamer event ruling

The only problem here is that there’s no logic with the events. Sometimes the rewards are permanent, sometimes they’re deleted at the end, sometimes they “say” they will be deleted but they’re not. I still got that Asio/Wastrel Box from re:build event that should have been deleted ages ago. The t5 scroll from the Attendance Event was supposed to be deleted with this maintenance, dunno if people kept it and if it was deleted or not, but I took no risk and used it, although I wanted to save that for a Velco item.

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I tried to return through support, but… They didn’t even apologize. Just closed the ticket and that’s it.
ToS online is steadily declining, and tech support is just as bad as years before.

"Hello Savior,

Thank you for contacting us.

We want to inform you that unopened gift box from the Giltine’s Team Class event has been automatically deleted after the scheduled maintenance last February 26,2019.

We hope this clear the issue. Should you have any other concern, feel free to contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support Team""<<