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Defeated Boruta(Guild verison) and didn't get any rewards

Hiya, Yumm here from the Forbidden Guild. Today we defeated Boruta(non GTW version) and then everyone got disconnected to the character’s screen. Log back in and tried to re-host the quest. I saw that it didn’t take any of the 3 guild entries, but it says we completed the guild quest.

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :
Date: 6/29/2020 @ 8:33 P.M.

Server Name:Klaipeda

Team Name:Yumm

Character Name: Lily Yumm

Bug Description :
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Didn’t get our Boruta rewards from defeating the raid (guild version)

Screenshots / Video :
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Everyone got disconnected before the rewards were given.

No Boruta rewards in storage.

It didn’t use up the 3 guild entries for Boruta and can’t re-host it until tomorrow or next week.

Hey do you have refreshed your guild window?
Second picture top right

Yup, did that too and no rewards :frowning:

Hello Savior,

I highly suggest that you submit a ticket to support team, in order to have your account properly investigated and to get assistance with your concern.

We didn’t get ours either, and the refresh button on storage actually appears to be broken.


nm, was able to redeem them at tower–you might want to update the event page since it says they go directly to storage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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