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Death Sentence Bar


This is not really a bug question but rather a preference:
The bar that indicates when the time of your death, which is cast by some monsters in the game, does not disappear after killing the monster who cast the Death Sentence spell. It’s slightly unnerving to walk with such an ominous bar over the character’s head.

Is there a way to fix this or is it simply how the game works?

Thank you.

Death sentence skill has been reworked and no longer kills at the end of the bar. Not sure if monsters use reworked skill.

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Oh, is that so? What happens when the bar reaches the end?

I haven’t tested the monsters’ Death Sentences, even though I have the Soul Crystal, I wouldn’t like to risk to confirm this hypothesis.

Thank you kindly for your information!

Monster Death Sentence skill is now the same as the Oracle skill: it simply increases the damage you take while the skill lasts. When the bar reaches the end, you take damage normally again.