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Death Problem on Challenge Mode

Hello there, i wanna asking about this DEATH BUG on Challenge Mode
I got some information before on shout chat about this BUG, but yeah i still not try to death on CM until now, but today my friend got death inside that CM and here some video for more explanation :

If see Bismuth death, i remember this sceen, dunno this tree of savior or gonna be log horizon

Well, what you gonna do ? @GM_Francis

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this change with ressurection was abusive… Revive is Ok…

We had someone with this issue yesterday but it happened in Boruta and relogging did not fix it–the only thing that fixed it was queuing for TBL and then having the enemy team AA them for the first round (cause they couldn’t make an action even inside TBL–also they could not be targeted by skills) then the 2nd round they were good again.


Outside that I have no idea how to fix it. See if their guild leader can summon them to another map maybe.

relog twice.
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My guildmate had this issue, we used paladin’s restoration on him, then he relogged and came back alive.