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Dear IMC, PLEASE playtest your AMCM maps before releasing them

Title says it all.
NO ONE likes it when we have to run half a country to finally find the mobs (a lot of maps does this).
Or when the map is all corridors with small amount of mobs so spread out that we have to kill 90% of them at least to summon the boss. Not to mention wasting stamina. (eg: Lanko 22)

There are some great ones of course; Jump in the map, run a bit, and just start mobbing.
These horrible maps (badly designed for amcm), just makes me (and maybe others) don’t even wanna bother doing amcm on those unlucky days.

Look, IMC, your designers and artists have got ungodly talent, and yes, every artist wants to show off their work…

But please man, you’re wasting our time, you’re not making it fun to play, you’re making it a chore inside a chore. CHORECEPTION

Sincerely, a player who HATES having his time wasted because some company is too lazy to playtest and vet their feature.

And I haven’t even started my lovely thoughts about the bounty system.

Have a nice day.