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Dear IMC Can i have a reason about this

Why some of rare ore ex. Mithril , Zircon is too low price threshold it’s hard to find when we need some of it, we are force to trade with talt even we have many silver but can not buy it. But look at some of botting garbage matterial has too high threshold price , So please do something about this system !!

Sooner or later IMC will realize how dumb they were for thinking they could control the economy and let the players dictate it. Or bleed more players lol, thats a option as well.

[quote=“thebloodyaugust, post:2, topic:296235”]
Sooner or later IMC will realize how dumb they were[/quote]

I’d be willing to bet on later, much later.

Yeah, I vote for removal of this system too. It just makes gold sellers dictate the price rather than player dictating it, because gold sellers farm more items than the players.

because imc is too stupid too realize that these restrictions are hurting the players NOT THE BOTS (maybe a little)

I never played an mmo with these stupid restrictions the person who keeps adding restrictions needs to be punch in the jaw


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