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Database release for fansites

Hi, hope you all are well.

I want to discuss an issue that I’ve drawn to IMC’s attention in the past, but it doesn’t seem to be in the company’s interest.

By my choice, I created the website, as a content option for the game we love, translated into Portuguese.
I requested a database source to put on my website and would keep this database in English and Portuguese. In fact, I think this database should be made available to everyone who, like me, maintains a fansite.

Why? Of course, there is no longer any updated site! The game has a lot of content and the material on the official website is not always adequate or even updated. To find information, you spend a lot of time searching for patch notes, forums and you don’t always find it.

Friends here on the forum already give wonderful help when translating what happens in k-tos, but even so, a lot changes when it comes to our server.

My time is short for translating items, so I focus on the guides. I don’t want to gain anything with the site or the game, for that I have real life.
But I would gladly make the database available to everyone, as I already leave all the content. And I would commit to keeping it that way, 100% free for everyone.

IMC, think carefully about it. Fansites are essential for a game to stay active, they are where players seek and exchange information.

Best regards,

Del Sand (Sandy)

2 Likes is the new DB
It’s based on,, an open source db for tos
If you know how to code you can check the methods used to grab patch files and make DBs in an automated way


to bad that is not updated too. the skill simulator is broken for long time and not very useful.

Hi, thank you so much! You have no idea how much you helped.
It has been very tiring looking for information for the guides, as all the sites I had as my base are out of date:
Tree of Savior Wiki
World Map - Tree of Savior Fan Base
Tree of Savior Database - tosgbase
Tree of Savior Wiki | Fandom

These above are just for example, I have many links that are no longer useful.

Be alright! If you need anything I can be of use to, just say so!

Friend, to get correct information about ToS… Some time ago I asked via tickets to IMC and even after a year… Nothing. I’m glad we have people willing to help.

Hi, unfortunately what you indicated is also out of date.
I went to get information for the new guide and it doesn’t have it.
But even so, it’s super valid, there’s a lot of updated stuff!

Inven’s is updated frequently, particularly the skills and attributes section: 트리 오브 세이비어 인벤 - 클래스&스킬 정보

Inven is updated manually, handtos is updated automatically by reading patch files, if handtos doesn’t work clear cache

the skill sim is never fully working now

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