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Dark Wizard, small fixes / improves

As a Dark wiz main, if I were to wish for something i’d wish for the following:


Evil Sacrifice:
Improve Invocation reaction time to Evil Sacrifice. Currently, as long as “Evil: Expand” is not turned on, spirits can take up to 2 seconds to sacrifice themselves, way too long considering ghastly trails short window.


Shadow fetter: reduce shootTime to 0.2s


Ngahundi: Reduce shootTime to 0.3s
Blood Curse: Reduce shootTime to 1s
Blood Sucking: Change hit count from x1 to x2, Change hit rate from once every 0,4s to once every 0.5s, change duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
Bone Pointing: “Bone necklace” duration 30minutes

Mackangdal: Add Pain Barrier effect.

Further rebalance of skills such as Demon Scratch, Ghastly Trail, Dark Theurge, Blood bath, Kundela Slash or Shadow Conjuration are also necessary, but the point of this post is to add fluency to the build.