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Dark Wiz: Overload Raid is fine? or Dahlia is really a must?

I’d like to change my main from dps cleric to dark wiz. All gears set(+21 staff, lvl2 Diffuse, char max leveled, all lvl100 skills - no enhance arts tho, havent reset my enhance arts in my cleric yet) and i’m broke asf now.

Only thing left is the overload ichor set.
Should i trade it with dahlia since everyone is using dahlia on dark wiz???

Personally, i’d like to keep my overload set so my other alts can still use it, but will that greatly affect the performance of dark wiz???

The only skills that benefits with dahlia on dark wiz arsenal are:

  • Kurdaitcha - requires setup, pretty good damage(with dahlia boost ofc), always on top 2 - 3 highest damage in wbr
  • Bloodsucking - nerfed to the ground, from damage heal to 3% fix heal every second, damage is mediocre.

Bloodsucking is utterly trash now. You wont just stand still for 10sec in a raid just to maximize its damage. I saw many builds just leaving it at low level and instead investing on max Ngadhundi.
So basically, Kurdaitcha is the only skill that is boosted by dahlia.

Is it worth it? boosting only one skill- and its not even the highest damaging skill???
while overload can boost all skills for 30sec with 20sec downtime.

Im kinda thorned. I’m kinda inclining to overload since its flexible for all my alts but everyone is using dahlia and i don’t understand why @@

If anybody have tried to test both or has any insights, it may help me decide.

PS: Im broke so i cant have both.

Yes, Dahlia ichors are mandatory. Kurdaitcha is absurdly powerful, by far the highest dps skill in dark wiz builds - outside Infernal of course, but that is not a true dps skill anyway.

Just to put it in perspective, Kurdaitcha with Dahlia set does about 3-4x the dps of Thorn with diffuse staff.

Damage of Blood sucking is also high, but like you said, no one will stay there sitting still for 10s. Kurdaitcha alone makes Dahlia a must have.

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