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Damballa bugged?

I cannot seem to trigger the skill at all. When I press the quickslot icon for the skill it doesn’t respond. Did they break the skill last maintenance (I didn’t play my bokor this week but saw the weekly boss being ghost + holy so I wanted to try my dark wizard vs him)? Or is it just “another unresponsive skill using mouse” like Hell Breath?

do you have dark force buff?

Of course. If you don’t have it, the skill is greyed out. As soon as your buff reaches 10 the skill gets enabled, but I can’t press the button it doesnt’t react.

You must have a target actively selected otherwise it won’t work.

It doesn’t behave like other skills that try to “snap” to the nearest target when you fire it off (Mouse Mode people will experience this the most).

The skill is working fine, just finished my weekly content with it a while ago.

Ok then it’s a dead skill for me, as mouse will not select target anymore. Like for Hell Breath it will just say “invalid target” and do nothing. And to select target you have to click the target, which triggers basic attack in endless loop. With keyboard you just face the target and press ctrl which locks it, I don’t understand why there is no such feature with mouse (using right click for example).