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Damage Text almost invisible


Some updates before my game is not showing the damage text properly, seem its almost invisible, already tried every graphic config, re-install, font scale, nothing works, and again, it wasn’t like this a month ago…any suggestions?


same here



Same problem here. Also, the “show other players damage” option is not working correctly, it always shows others damage even when turned off.


There’s a bug currently with how damage is displayed. The normal rule is: small white numbers for damage other, big red numbers for damage self/allies. This is not the case anymore. Anything can be displayed in white or red, that’s why the options don’t work anymore.


Not only this, but now i discovered that sorcerer summons does not show the damage text sometime even though they do damage the enemy, the dmg text do not appear.


@GM_Francis Any response?Are you awere of this problem?


Hello @isaacpanaro1

Thank you for your report. I’ll be forwarding this report to the proper department for further investigation.