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Customer Support Can't help you with deleting or transfering account?

I have accidentally made an team on a new acc on the wrong server, I am trying to make acc on Audra, but instead made it on Klaipeda. I am too used to just press enter to log in due to because of my old acc. I have contacted customer support, but they can’t help me with this
What is the point of customer support if they don’t get the options to do help the players or customers?
Therefore, can any of the Tree of Savior forum staff help me with this? I am not asking for a complicated request, just you can simply delete my team and make a new team with the same name on a different server. Cause i will have to create a new email and steam acc just for this and it’s very annoying.
Thank you very much
@STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri

We didn’t designed the system to delete the accounts.
Transferring may be possible however, but we also doesn’t ask users to provide their personal information to us, which means transferring is also not possible option as well.

Damn, thx for the reply. I guess off to make a new account then T_T

But I just leave here for the reason why designed that way is because
We would like to value the user’s memory so as long as they didn’t lost the steam account, they could simply come back and play. So if someone facing the issue that their team is entirely wiped out clean, Then most time it’s because they logged in to different steam account.