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Current State of Tree of Savior 2.0

Here is a question, What is the GOAL of this game?

ToS is a beautiful game with a lot going for it but has slowly dwindled down to boring disney rides.

It seems to have started out to be a game with almost limitless possibilities, classes, equipment, in game features such as collection, journals, crafting, exploration, fielding, and maps, dungeons, challenge modes.

but the game seems to have reduced down to two things F2 and F10.

Classes of Utility, rendered useless.

Nak Muay Doesn’t work.

Alchemist continues to be ignored, it has 2 skills for attacking that hasn’t seen a single buff, or significant art in centuries. There’s plenty of content that could be pushed through and alchemist, outside Item Awakening, Gem Roasting. For instance the new “archaeologist elixirs”

  1. Magnum Opus’ Useless, Why not make them able to craft end gear materials with a cap possibly, maybe be able to craft ancient materials like the ones you craft at the Alchemist NPC.?

  2. Sprinkle HP/SP - No Scaling/No Art This makes no sense. Could be used in endgame content if the player would at lease be able to scale this up to relevant power.

  3. Dig - What ?!?! - No Significance Doesn’t Work.

  4. Tincturing - The Arts you can get these “Fine Elixir” from popo shop, then you can’t get level 16 versions of the base potions? also maybe there should be multiple ways to craft these potions you know with Materials you get from monsters that have no use besides selling for 1 to 10 silver at the NPC. Or maybe just maybe they should be able to craft Greater elixirs that you can’t trade over for event coins like the other ones can?

  5. And of course Homunculus … Yes Where is it?

Some QOL things why in F10 There’s inconsistent descriptions. some say the type verbally “insect, demon, beast etc.” then others show a symbol some symbols are consistent with the symbols that you see when fighting said boss then other symbols aren’t showed ANYWHERE else.

The game has been locked behind timed or numbered content, challenge mode is boring, you destroyed field CMs. Adding HP to field Monsters to a point where they have Millions of HP is not fun it just drains out the gameplay.

Healer classes are the only way most people can be useful in Snake engame content that now the parties become majority healers at times. Wow.

Now the dreaded Suitcase filled with “Goddess Weapons” I get where you are going but the system could have been implemented for any gear at this point, the game has lots of weapons and ways to get alternate builds it should have been a different system to upgrade lower gear up to 400/440/460 or what ever. Make these weapon attributes arts with a limit maybe you can only pick the limit of arts in relation to the class 2 Class and 2 common that you can have on a character.

Now If you end up having Extra CHARACTER BOUND gear that you no longer need, becomes useless. There should be and UNBOUND item, quest, or maybe you can use an alchemist to UNBIND or “reawake” this gear so it can be transferred or maybe dismantled into materials, “scales” that can be used elsewhere. Cause even if you have gear that you can switch to something else sometimes it easier to just craft new gear because … The material you need is behind a Pay Wall/Login Wall.

Oh there’s more.

So. While other games in the MMO realm are focusing on creating Content, IMC and ToS are removing content and just making Power Creep Raids. Raids are not the only methods of content and Raids are usually repetitive boring replays. Why not make Field Bosses a thing where you announce them and they spawn randomly to different maps not just fixed ones. The New Delmore Raid… Fighting a DOOR? really ?

Is auto-Switch casting still a thing ? cause having duplicate weapons benefits you than having different weapons.

Common Classes should have been a thing, Make the field work again, put incentives out there for party farming, Stronger mobs respawn rate, a buff or chance for better loot while partying, making bosses spawn for boss cards and maybe rare loot but of course if you make the equip system more versatile would be better.

Other MMOs that i have played had more variety of loot at endgame, one specific game in its ealier days Lineage 2 when the Level Cap was 70 that game had 5 Different Sets of endgame Gear and it was down to preference. Ie. Majestic, Nightmare, Tallum, Dark Crystal and Apella. and each had a Heavy, Light and Robe variant. Now even on top of the sets each had its own focus so Some Heavy sets increase Damage, others were tank focused, and some were attack speed and focused. Now even as the increased the level caps They made more and more sets variations that players could choose from.

Ex: look at
Nightmare Light
M. Def. +4%

Sleep and Hold Resistance +70%

Restores 3% of melee damage inflicted on the enemy to oneself

[DEX +1]
[CON -1]

**Majestic Light **
Archery P. Atk. +8%

MP +240

Weight increased plus the point at which a weight penalty is applied +5759

Stun Resistance +50%
[DEX +1]
[CON -1]

Now im not saying that TOS should make more armor sets, but ToS should make a leveling or improvement system to make Other armor sets/ Weapons upgrade to viable Levels be it a Savinose Chest + Savinose Chest = 430/440 Savinose chest then progress up from there but in the earlier days of ToS Armors had more uniqueness to them instead of just copying the armor over. A level 460 Toy Hammer would be cool.

In the earlier game of ToS gear and the way the game played you would see endgame builds with lvl 75 or lower gear as they were still viable. The GEARSCORE system makes this game like Every other game.

Unbound gear isn’t go along with their development road in which to kill funneling
Reduced silver, gabija coin, goddess gear tab, even premium item become untradable is their route to kill tradability. They want progress to be locked. No more trading enhanced gear, awakening, enchant, etc, no more economy of gear market
Just vasilisa shard trade means endless braindead raid farming
Vv for free, free ark, free acc, free sole vouchers enough to upgrade acc, and maybe more soon
They will furthermore disrupt player hardwork and ruin it this way just cause they will release more of these, like earring and it’s rng
To look how dead economy simply check market and there aren’t that many item posted, like gear tab for example. The existence of this tab is questionable. Probably just for safe trade rmt
The only economy I see now, except brainless vasilisa farm is doing hg and get that evolve stone or getting that collection mat that give you 2k atk from gg

What does this mean?

The goal is to make you spend money on shiny costumes for your waifu. :wink:

That’s just because the game has been designed with a certain number of players in mind when now the playerbase has dropped below that number…

Even more generally: equipment is now more important than classes/skills while it should be the opposite.

I see many people use the class and they don’t complain, what exactly doesn’t work?

They consider now this class as just a player shop like Pardoner or Squire. You take it for awakening and gem roasting and that’s it. You could make hp/sp potions, but those are now obsolete so it’s not the Alchemist’s fault, just outdated scaling on all the potions. When you start the game, you get elixir-like potions, but those only work at low level which is compeltely stupid (who wants to regenerate 20% of 200 hps with early game potions and then only be able to gain 10k out of 300k with endgame potions?)

This will be reverted with next patch, monster HP and player SFRs will be adjusted to fix this nonsense.

There are three problems here: first, the absurd “level 460 voucher” that instantly levels up your first character to 460, negating the WHOLE game – remove this nonsense and let players go through the main quest, improving equipment bit by bit (Kedorian, episode 11 rewards, episode 12 rewards, episode 13 rewards). Second, something must be done to remove the “wall” that is level 450 when you want to level up an alt – do devs really think you will farm Skia then Glacia and waste precious resources like blessed gems to transcend equipment that will only serve you a few weeks until you reach level 460? And lastly there is so much low level stuff that is totally obsolete (low level drops that are worse than Kedorian, all the magic/berthas/primus below level 430, mob parts used nowhere clogging your inventory…) and should be removed.

I don’t think the Goddess equipment will be replaced anytime soon if ever. Only case is when you craft Karaliene because you don’t have Luciferie yet and you update to Luciferie, the Karaliene set is wasted. There should have been a way to upgrade without having to discard your current set and craft a new one.

That’s why I prefer playing roguelike games. You dive, you get loot, RNG decides what you improve. From level 1 to max level. And you play with your skills whatever class you choose (melee fighter, ranged fighter, wizard, cleric…)

I just read the patch notes for next week’s maintenance:

" [Growth] Equipment Set Selection Box’ is given when creating a character.

Random and fixed stat is applied according to the property(Physical/Magic) you selected when opening the box.

[Growth] equipment is with +16 Enhancement and +10 Transcendence when given and levels up until a maximum of Lv.440 according to the level of the wearer.

[Kedora Merchant Alliance Support Selection Box], which was given by the NPC ‘Wings of Vaivora’ when reaching a certain level, is no longer given."

So I guess the devs actually listen to player complaints. The problem described above is now fixed!

Even if the game is made for a smaller player base, its like the only thing that matters is F10 and ENTIRE game reduced to menus, thats disappointing.

Nak Muay doesn’t work is my slogan as the class doesn’t synergies well with anything outside the buffs and a few classes, you’re forced to specific builds and thats my way of saying most classes though they’re many combinations none truly work well.

Mages, if you dont have Pyromancer, Elementalist, Onmyoji they’re weak.

Public classes should have been implemented. If they’re going to make the game this way they should just make it like ToS mobile and make the class combination independent of one another and switchable, and make the passives work across classes.

Making items the focus of the game makes the game boring and delayed, then the next big update they give these items out for free that players worked so hard for.

Playing the game reaps no reward cause even though you get end game gear and then you get them to Transcend 10 + 30 etc. its pretty much achievable but anyone with countless grinding.

In another MMO i’ve played they have end game gear thats possible to drop ONLY from monsters specifically bosses for the higher end and some mobs for the lower end. These drops are weapons and armor with SEALS, i.e “Seal of Star”, “Seal of Moon” and “Seal of Sun” Star being the weakest and Sun being the strongest Think of them like a Transcended weapon With Specific glows that you know that its a sealed weapon just by looking at them. These weapons cannot be crafted or replicated in any way.

The way the game is constructed just makes it homework.

But on to the STALL Classes, outside Pardoners, alot of them are useless, repairs you dont have to pay for and you can repair a low level item and get the buff from the repair shop for cheap. Enchanters you destroyed you took out Enchant rounds, fire and Ice, enchant Fire Scrolls, Destroyed enchant lightning and Lightning hands. Teleports nope don’t need them you have a token, you no longer need to warp from a stall. Gem Roasting and Awakening ok those work, but Gems have such low utility now that lowers the amount of gems people need to roast.

My biggest Gripe is Mounted Skills, outside SR i think most mounted skills should be able to be performed unmounted or at least have an ART to remove the requirement for a mount to improve synergy.

In Cleric you have a Class like Zealot, in the beginning that class scaled off SPR, now the skills don’t scale for duration and they lose synergy with INT based classes. I mean JUST looking at the skill animations THEY ALL look like magic attacks. at least have the Stat Switch for that class as well.

Pardoner Oblation… WHAT is this for its never used, no purpose. Discerning Evil is a DEBUFF, but it doesn’t spread with pandemic, Pandemic looks like a magic circle but its not, but yet it also Spread Debuffs but it doesn’t spread Discerning Evil yet discerning evil extends the debuffs as intended.

Pardoner Dekatos… supposed to use Silver, that i understand that it no longer does that which makes sense, why waste silver on an attack especially one so weak, Yet you have an ART to increase the damage, Can there be some more utility to that attack or more power, Maybe Range. The reason why im ranting on this class is Indulgentia, it works well with the Cooldown combo and Plague Doctor. its a great heal. its like Restoration but stronger and Faster. Spell Shop should be an Icon Skill. like the Grimoire/ Wugushi Icon.

Rune Caster Rune of Protection: Giant. Why Remove the ability to use the basic Wizard Skills? the class basically become a gimmick. If you’re going to make that a thing if not the basic skills from wizard. How about we make the Synergy Elements Psychokino, Non, and Earth types be able to be casted or at least make another Art to do that then.

And in Runcaster, Rune of Gravity… explain WHY does that skill last 10-15 secs Yet Pyromancer’s Prominence: Flame Jewel Last 3 times that and its literally the same skill. You Have OVERPOWERED SFR on classes like Pyromancer/Elementalist and useless damage on the majority of other mage classes.

KABBALIST. Revenge Sevenfold. What does this skill do its very lack luster. The same for Druid Seed Bomb. What is the purpose of the Curse? Why not make these skills at least somewhat similar to Fanatic Illusion in duration.

Why remove Element based and just focus on Additional Damage? elemental damage was additional damage yet removed the additional Line.

Nak Muay, Bullet Marker, Luchador, SR, Hoplite all have stance change, then Monk is resorted to a skill, why is there inconstancy among this stance system?

Before Remake, there was a color system Red:Offense, Blue:Defense, Green:Support, Gold:Money Purple:Summon and then Templar. But it seems Blue: really doesn’t really play its role.

Then the Vaivora System doesn’t apply to every class. Why

Then when you get to 450… its a LONG obscene scaling to 460 with not much to look for until 460. Why not make new skills to get lets say on the base class ? kinda like a veteran level upgrade where the Base class can now level up from 15 to 45 and theres some more skills to obtain? it will bring some more variety to the builds makes the skills more pertinent now being on scale with the others skill being able to get to lvl 15. 10. etc.

Retiarius This class has low synergy due to the one hand spear and Dagger focus on the build that you’re limited to other 1h spear classes. since removing the auto switch on skills. sure you can use them with other classes like murmilo but then you cant use shield, unless its different when you have goddess gear, but then that means you have to get to 460! on that character before you remove its limitations. and outside of your main you don’t want to bring multiple characters to 460 with the horrible scaling from 450. and a game that has the ability to make multiple characters and share gear you’ve removed a core feature of the game.

Oh and the Journal and Collection, you cant complete Half of them removing the maps, and drops of some items. Why all these features that don’t work?

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I am greatly offended.


You should do some more research on latest update before start ranting here
Also research on how some of class or skills work, it’s origin, it’s identity etc
There are many stuffs you mentioned being addressed in next patches
Or things that people already give up on hoping Imc to change it because it’s seemingly what Imc want or probably what the kr want
There just too many to mention and I didn’t even read your reply wholefully more like skim some points and I can tell you been around not for too long, lacking research and didn’t really up to date with most recent stuffs coming
So yeah, I think anyone knowledgeable enough about game past and future won’t take your rant here seriously
Honestly with this much rant it’s better to avoid the game
Unless you are some masochist, this game for you

for me, personally i think Tree of Savior :Rebuild or Tree of savior 2.0 ie should have gone with making 80+ Seperate Heroes(like Epic Seven or LOL style) rather than 80+ different classes. because its impossible for IMC to get the sync between them.

Like making drastic changes the same old class like for the 10+ time … its just not small SFR factor adujsment but rather removing and adding complete skills/ARTS like we see in the Jan 11th patch. they made a complete fool of the players and yet themselves. At this point they just dont know what to do.

i think thats because classes/skills gets boring quickly after a while rather than the case in equipments …They make u keep chasing an endless upgrading pattern that u feel “Progressing” or “always getting Stronger”.

but what made me so done with this game was the need to change the complete equipment sets every big update. and completely needing to start again on the full additonal upgrades need for them(trans,refinement etc) .

i understand getting the latest lv 460 EQUIPS SETS is much easier this time around. but i realize thats because the damage multiplier Gears has long ago moved from classical equips to Seals,accessries, lv 4 vavioras, res sacre,goodess cards,set stats and so on.

the final nail in the coffin for me was for every big update…they were OPENING MORE EQUIP SLOTS on the character like they thought opening more holes up our a$$ made it better so that we could keep grinding for that "EQUIP " for another 6 months.
i see there is another "one more thing " the Earrings coming soon…Hope the strongest and bravest of existing player stand the test of time lol.

in the end i have come to an conclusion its just impossible for IMC to fix the mess no matter how much years they take and their motto would be “1 STEP FORWARD 2 STEP BACKWARD” or “FIX 1 BREAK 2” sort of updates.

Average players crevox, you’re a major exception.

Lol everything always gets better with the next patch in this game. well actually it doesn’t. cause they end up reversing, paywall or end up giving away the new content in the next upcoming patch.

They come up with new classes, instead of fixing the new ones, Yes i understand some origins of classes, and yes i understand they have a theme and synergy with others, but the little synergy they had they removed that too.

I’m not a fan of that idea.

Since launch, TOS’ biggest draws (outside of the world and cosmetics) have always been novel abilities, (being rewarded for) exploration, and customisation – having the freedom to build the kind of character you want. All three have recently taken a backseat to balancing the broken builds that come about through min/maxing, but they’re all pretty important for the future of TOS.

Forcing people to pick from a bunch of pre-made heroes would be a big step in the wrong direction IMO.

I agree, Picking one of 80 would be daunting. I propose make it more akin to TOS Mobile you have the build combination, where the passives that are shared support the current class and while, active as the current class you can only use the skills for that specific class. Now balancing will only be individual classes, and shared passives instead of synergy.

I’m not saying that they’ve made good choices, but you are basically saying that you don’t like MMORPGs

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This new update, removed more synergy… my point exactly. Where is the Pyromancer Fire skills synergy?

Zealot? the Fanaticism works only zealot skills?

I do like the “active/passives” sort of.