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Current quest log is a shead

But thnx IMC that we have any quest log.
(Annoying to find any quest which i take and want to track, cause of LOT garbage/green/old quests)

I thought it was easy :confused:

Light color quests icons = unstarted quests
Darker bland colored icons = started quests

completed quests are removed from list and you can abandon quests to remove them from list too…

I use better quest add-on to order the quests by level cause the game doesn’t do that…

but quest log full with green low lvl quests, which i cannot abandon, cause never take them.

if it really bothers you, either do them (gross), or go pick them up and abandon them, then they’ll go in your Abandon log instead.

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Hmm. But anyway quest log is not friendly.
And what i understand after your post - that dev’s never make him comfortable.
That’s not a problem cause we see how game slowly die. How u think, do ToS finally come dead in 2 or 3 years?

Yeah its not great, but it is what it is. I prefer other games where quests werent in your log until you ACCEPT the quest.

There is one positive thing about quests being in your quest log before you accept them though, you can view where and what quests you havent completed without randomly running around.

I just wish that certain quests didn’t appear in there without the Better-Quest addon that you haven’t accepted, it seems like the repeatable quests do this the most after completing certain quest chains.

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you are typing to someone with more than 100 green quests on log and I too would love for a mark X amount of quests and abandon/remove feature on F5, sadly we don’t have that yet @STAFF_Amy :wink: :wink:

maybe an upgrade of better quest add-on might help if it adds the feature since the add-on already helps a lot with highlighting and cataloging the quests better than the game itself…

But do not fear, collections window was changed to the “better”… am sure they will improve the quest window too eventually

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