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Current Player Shops

Player shops are a super interesting feature in this game. Unfortunately there is not much information around about how to run these shops and how profitable they are. Pretty much very guide out there is outdated, as shops have changed a lot over time. A guide in the ToS Guides sections would have been great, but I guess we can start with a simple forum thread. Can people help make a list of current player shop options, how they’re run, how expensive they are etc? I’ll start with what I know (please add to/correct the info provided) and I will update the OP based on replies.

Squires are perhaps the most useful supporter for group expeditions as well as town shops, and provide several armory utilities and buffs.

  • During expeditions, Squires can set up a Base Camp, which provides player buffs, storage, and a free teleport point. In the camp, Squires can also create a Refreshment Table, which provides even more player buffs (not sure what the buffs entail).

  • Squires can set up two kinds of shops, one for Repairing broken armor (top, bottom, gloves, shoes) and weapons, and one for Equipment Maintenance, which yields temporary buffs to your armor and shields. Both shops automatically provide the cloth/leather/plate armor buff.

Alchemists are another super useful class. Using the alchemy, they help enhance your weapons and make potions or items.

  • Alchemists can extract materials and make HP or SP potions using Tincturing, which they can then Sprinkle on allies, acting as off-healers.

  • They can also create new items using Magnum Opus (not sure what this does).

  • They can set up two kinds of shops that enhance gear, either a Gem Roasting shop that roasts or enhances gems which are inserted in gear, or a weapon Awakening shop, which permanently buffs your weapons.

Pardoners grant the Goddess’ blessings buffing different stats and especially other Cleric support skills.

  • Using Simony, they can create scrolls that buff support skills of Clerics, Priests, Krivis, Oracle, and Paladin (you need to have advanced to these classes and have maxed out the skill that you’ll make a scroll for). Not sure if these can be sold to other players.

  • Pardoners can set up a Spell Shop, that sells player buffs (Increased defences, additional holy attacks, holy property attacks, $800 per buff).

  • With Oblation they can receive donations from other players (not sure what this does).

Oracles use mystic powers to predict things unknown, with relevance to loot drop and players. They provide combat support as well and are preferred in healer builds.

  • Using Clairvoyance they can foresee loot drops from wild monsters and Reset them if they so desire.

  • Oracles can also Switch Gender for other players, using a dedicated shop.

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Shop classes. Your topic and topic name have confusing reference.

they have change only 1 time. To adjust all shop price to fixed price.




Wrong. They only provide when they have ART and have some restriction too.

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