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Crystal Mine 2F - Man in Hiding

I’ve been roaming Crystal Mine 2F lately.
In Mine Worker’s Resting Place there a man hiding in a barrel that shoo’s you away when you talk to him.
I’ve looked up his dialogue and it looks like he has lines mentioning some paper.
Does anyone know more about this?

  • F-Finally…! Has help arrived? Huh?! It’s just a kid? Hey… Are there still Vubbes outside?
  • Ugh. Go away! Don’t talk to me! We’ll get caught by the Vubbes! This is my place so leave!
  • What? Don’t lie to me! I can smell the Vubbes from here. You can’t fool an adult! Go away! Do not come near this barrel!
  • F-Finally…! Has help arrived? Huh?! It’s just a kid? What are you looking at? Close the lid and move along!
  • What’s that paper you’re holding? It looks familiar… Let me see that! What are you doing? Hey, there’s an adult speaking to you!
  • This paper, it’s mine! I’m never giving it away again!! It’s… not something you need - I’ll just rip it apart. There.
  • Sheesh, that’s lame…

no, but as someone who grabs all seen, I might give it a try…

last time it gave no more options that it coward ones…

He is there since cbt, i wonder if he has some hidden quest but nobody never talked about it.
Also near him there’s a table of spoiled food, if you try to eat it many times your character will faint, and there’s some books on left side of the goddes statue but does’t seems to be nothing related.

also the rotten food on the table, if you press it enough you’ll eat it and pass out, and it won’t let you eat it ever again

if I remember correctly you get some kind of debuff from it like on Rainforest map

Hm. I just now found two more interesting lines that are labeled by the name “Explore”:

  • It seems like it can be used only in the Crystal Mine 3F…
  • Found a piece of paper underneath the soil.
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hmm interesting what map are they under?_?

I got a shovel if you need it xD

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They’re not clearly tied to any map (other than mentioning 3F).

Shovel and Metal Detector were just what I was thinking about. I have neither though.

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I will prob use the next patch to dig around my characters inventory see if I got something for the mines…

my inventory v

why next patch?_? well am hoping the disgusting ui bug is bone by then and I have to reset and stuff so…

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I know how you feel. I remember how the inventory scrollbar bugged for me due to amount of items until they reworked it and I still can barely open my crafting menu without killing the game due to number of recipes.

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I can check 3F, I was thinking maybe the barrel guy had more dialogue for clicking him enough
It could be something like the hidden letter in Taniel I where if you click enough eventually it’ll find something


This is most certainly related
Question is: how to get it? It looks like part of some quest.

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old class advance quest? interesting find

Rather a secret quest somewhere.
I am very sure that this item is related to finding the object needed for man in hiding.

I cant remember any class quests, but they are still on the adventure journal so it can be check…

bump :tired:
i’m gonna work on this again

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