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Cryomancer why it doesn't work and how to make it unique

Currently Cryomancer is not fit for either PVE nor PVP and it’s performance is heavily tight to Ice blast interaction with ice wall, which is a skill that hinders your entire parties performance because of its AoE defense ratio and movement blocking.

I do believe though that giving Cryomancer a unique gameplay that involves playing around ice structures and ice blast is DEFINETLY the way to go. And so I’ll explain what i would do about it in the following post.

Ice Bolt: a simple freezing tool for ice blast which relies on CONSTANT use. No class should ever have a skill that requires being used every very few seconds while also having “burst” windows that also prohibit you from casting the skill at all.

What i would do is, keep ice bolt the way it is and change vaivora - eternal frozen land effect at level 1 to:

REMOVE current GUST and Ice Pike + 3 skill level .

Icecicle Shower

Ice Bolt is transformed to Icecicle Shower. Cooldown increases by 15 seconds up to 20. No longer causes freeze or chill state. Number of hits changed from 2 to 15. When it hits a target under Freeze or Chill debuff it gaines +50% critical damage.

This option would give us another way to play around freeze / chill debuff on top of ice blast and would make ice bolt a playable skills in my opinion.

Ice Pike:

Change from Targeting a specific location to be casted around Caster (like flame ground). Works the same way as it currently does BUT Ice Pikes remain on the field for 10 seconds.
Ice Pikes can be destroyed with ice blast to deal 1 extra hit to surrounding targets. Enemies standing on top of ice pikes continuously receive chill debuff.

Ice Wall:
Give Ice walls 0 aoe defense ratio, allow characters to move over ice wall, while moving over ice wall target enemies receive Chill or Freeze Debuff. Ice Wall duration in raids no longer halved.
Duration 10s cooldown 30 seconds. When casting Ice Blast destroy up to 3 ice walls, causing +1 extra hit. Does not stack with ice pike.

Ice Blast:
Change it to become Ice Blast: Break by default, then remove attribute.

Frost Pillar:
For as long as frost pillar is on the battlefield, Ice Wall and Ice pike structures duration is not consumed.

The gameplay for cryomancer would, therefore, consist on managing ice pike and ice wall structure uptime according to Ice Blast and Ice Bolt cooldown. Being able to use on or the other at different times and keeping them up with Frost Pillar.

I believe this would give the class a more unique style while also improving it current performance since, on raids, you can only have 1 ice blast with double performance per minute in our current patch.

Thanks for reading.


Buff Cryo :sad:


cryo pretty good and high demand in pvp…not as dps tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

welp having 1 single skill that matters, is not how a class should be balanced around.

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Also make character immune to debuffs while using Snow Rolling. It’s stupid to have the skill end immediately when you use it on elite because those spam debuffs constantly…

Funny how you call cryo doesn’t work when I can see you simply means it’s not meta or not the best dealer there is
I see it works in it’s own area but it’s certainly not as great as it’s used to as they nerfed cc effects just like how they nerfed many others including damage and heal in pvp even pve itself
Also funny how you complain about a class centerize over 1 skill when it’s de facto case for majority of tos classes
Complaining cryo like this pretty much complaining the whole class system

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Cryo doesn’t work because Ice Wall ■■■■■ your team, ice blast requires ice wall for dual hits, and while ice wall lasts 25 seconds in WBR it only lasts 12.5 seconds in raids, allowing for only 1 ice blast double proc. Cryo has a unique mechanic that is ■■■■■■ by its own design and people are unhappy playing with. At PVP cryo is just a snowball that doesn’t freeze cuz Essera and Prophecy, so you come here and say Cryo is ok? Cryo is well done? Cryo has potential to be far better.

Ofc you can give x10 dmg to cryo and haha hehe its meta and it still sucks, but having that possibility of gameplay they have already created and being unable to play around it during it’s full rotation instead of once every minute would make it far more fun and interesting.

Class design in ToS is bad, and ideas like these are interesting to see. As someone who mained Cryomancer, having Cryomancer’s theme revolve around ice structures is a great idea, and it should be explored more.

I like the suggestions for Ice Pike (it needs a new skill name) and Ice Wall. Not sure how I feel about the Frost Pillar, because I feel like IMC isn’t capable of doing something that complex, and they’d leave it broken until the server closes.

I am not a fan of Ice Bolt, the current Level 1 effect (Gust), or the proposed change to the Level 1 effect (Icicle Shower). I’d rather remove Ice Bolt and change the level 1 effect of the Vaivora to build upon the ice installation theme. What if you could gather ice shards from broken installations, and then they used a skill (provided by the Vaivora) to build a random installation from the currently learned skills, with a lower SFR and duration?

just eat a paella quit tos and chill xd

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Imo it’s not that it doesn’t work, It is unique, it’s just not the best

Additionally more and more contents are boss focusing, less crowd involved, and when crowd involved cc is not that critical, unlike e.g the early ds where cc mobs horde such sweet treats to the party

Asking cryo to be better, even best, is like asking e.g paladins to be great dealer. It’s just don’t, not according to me, but to imc, so far.

This kind of demand also contribute in making imc to keep rebalance skills like forever

Probably the time cryo fans would want imc to stop rumbling cryo stuffs is when they accidentally makes it OP

Back again, Paladin, brotherhood in blue, could be better, better dealer, sacrificing def aspects, but it never ever a decent dealer, they won’t make it that way cause thats how imc see things

And not just the blue, the case applied for all, they just makes some classes “terrible” like as to feels it can’t be the main class

Like why I can’t main corsair and get the most dmg output out of it? Or druid? Or sage? Or nakmuay? Etcs

They just made them feel “terrible”, cause they overshadowed by metas, and one day the dev team are in good mood, they give love to these class, even many times too much loves, accidentally buff it to the roof, people love it, then it’s overshadow other classes, it’s meta, and then nerf it later so they can pick another class to fill the throne

I don’t know why despite you ve been here for so long yet you still don’t get how imc development pattern is

You just need to stay long enough until they got the mood like what they did recently to the yellows, which not even applied fairly lol. And best hope they read this forum and greenlit your idea, which chance is even worse than trying to get S rank gacha item

Good luck tho