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Cryomancer Icewall Setup

Please implement a simple “saved array” or formation for easy icewall summon formation … I noticed most of the time icewall breaks apart even though I’m in the open field … no plants, trees, rocks, npc, house, structures or anything that can obstruct it.

Hope we can pick premade formations like:

  • Circle / Donut
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Line
  • Diamond

Should only apply to Icewall level 15 …

Sadly icewall already have Igloo arts … would have been a nice addition to it …

Using mouse mode for Ice Wall is a pain in the ass. 99% of the time it simply doesn’t work and you end up with the wall as a line or event just one square. This is stupid.

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Yeah, the 1 wall popcicle plop … even though I’m using controller XD I still get those …

This thread should be seen by tos team. I really need this kind of feature and sometimes it only creates 1-3 block, especially in TBL, it takes so much time to create a prison wall.

Please give us a save feature for ice wall. It would be very useful for a mouse-controller-user like me.

Good thread, hope they will see it and grant our wish XD