CryoKino+Omi or CryoKino+Pyro?


Can anyone help me real quick? I love Cryo-Kino and i like it paired with both pyro and Omi but who has more damage?


  • rod gives +15% ice damage to cryo’s skills and Water Shikigami
  • Ledas necklace gives +50% skill factor to Cryo and Water Shikigami
  • Ice mage fantasy
  • Toyou + Heavy Gravity


  • Ice Wall + Fire Ball + PP
  • Flame Ground + Heavy Gravity
  • Fire Pillar + Raise
  • Fire Pillar = more CC
  • Ice/fire mage fantasy

So… which one does more damage? I do PVE only and i’d like to focus on CC but also keep up with the damage at CM and Raids.


I would prefer Cryomancer - Psychokino - Onmyoji. You forget that Firefox Shikigami (level 1 is enough) boosts Gravity Pole to become very strong. Yin Yang Harmony also works very well with the strong CC Cryo and Kino has.

If you want Cryo + Pyro, you could consider Taoist as a third class. Taoist Tri Disaster Charm boosts both Ice and Fire skills. Taoist also have a much better 1v1 DPS with Creeping Death Charm. This build will do better against bosses, while Onmyoji is more towards AOE damage.


Why not both?


Onmyoji will give you the AoE skills cryo+kino lack. Plus the Fox is cute :wink:


Before re:build i was CryoKino-Omi so i know how it works, but after re:build i wanted to explore the new opportunities; Especially the Ice Wall + Fire Ball + PP combo.

Now that cryo and kino got free 1000 class points each i figured i could change pyro to Omi and then change back to pyro to reset it’s skills for free (it was messed up).

But i like Water Shikigami so much and i have some fancy costumes for Omi so the doubt hit me.

Thanks for the insights guys i might keep Omi. And rearrange another mage that has Omi in it’s build.


Honestly if I had the fancy costumes I would keep Onmyoji. I also have the green and the black Onmyoji costume and I just had to keep Onmyoji for that particular wizard that I have because the costume is just great.

Another really good option is Pyromancer - Psychokino - Onmyoji. You get the synergy for PyroKino and the extra AOE + Gravity Pole boost from Onmyoji. Icewall+Fireball+Psychic Pressure to me just seem like it is too troublesome to set up.


It is hard to set everything up, especially with bosses knocking you down over and over gain.

I tried Pyromancer - Psychokino - Onmyoji long ago (before re:build) it is a great build and a lot a fun but it loses most of it’s CC, so i almost immediately went back to cryo. i want to be the one that keeps mob in place
I made up my mind: i will keep Omi. This is my main so i want him 10/10, even if that means changing another alt build completely (just because i don’t want to repeat classes).
Thanks @icyruios

Dream build would be Cryo-Pyro-kino-Omi tho :laughing:


I had two wizards prior to re:build, one with pyro-onmyo and one with cryo-ele. After re:build, I tried to respec my 3 wizards so I had 3 different builds (dark/fire/ice) with 9 different classes. These two wizards became pyro-ele-tao and cryo-kino-onmyo. But I had a big problem: Onmyo costumes are char bound and it took soooo many time to get the sash that I clearly didn’t want to switch onmyo to the other char, so my pyro-onmyo became my cryo-onmyo. Fortunately, this char had a generic name. Unfortunately, my other one was named MsFreeze, which would defintely not suit a pyro-ele-tao build. And since I didn’t want to spend TP renaming that char, I deleted it and restarted from scratch… The good thing is… it’s great to start anew to check re:build impact to the fullest, and I always enjoy leveling up a new wizard.


I love creating new chars! Right now i am leveling a cleric (healer) and a dark mage.
I have 4 wizards in total (ice/Shadowmancer/mule/dark):
1 - Cryo-Kino (my main) he has always been cryo-kino and i love this combination. Currently using Omi as final class.
2 - Shadowmancer: I love the class itself so the other ranks/classes were always chosen based on helping shadowmancer be stronger. She used to be linker-thauma-FF-SM but now i picked FF-SM (which i find to be a good combination = strong single target + sustain) and the 3rd class i keep changing between bokor and Necro. I don’t like zombies and necro has too many skills for my taste. i am using necro just for the lazy summons, i mainly use FF-SM skills.
3 - Mule: Alchemist. That is it. A potion maker and awakening shop owner. She is also my uber.
4 - Dark Wiz: This one got “what’s left” from wiz tree which was Sorcerer-Ele-Omi. I liked to think he is the son of my Cryo-Kino and the Shadowmancer, a mix of Ice/dark/earth damage. But since i am taking Omi of him, i have to rethink Elementalist too. I will probably end up with Sorc-Warlock-Sage. Leaving my mule with Alch-Pyro-Ele and an Agnis Necklace to hold on to :sweat_smile:

Ps.: They all have neutral-genderless names so anything goes


Funny thing I also have characters with names to fit my themes.

Since we are sharing I might as well tell you guys mine.

  1. Pyro-Ele-Tao: Fire theme which is also my main

  2. Cryo-Sorc-Tao: Froster Lord summon to fit the ice theme. Honestly I would have preferred Ele for Hail and Electrocute to make it more ‘Icy’ but Hail is just so weak. I’m waiting for the day they buff it so I can get Ele. But at the moment Froster Lord riding has been fun. I thought of Cryo-Kino-Onmy but it just feels weird without the extra Onmyo costume that I have on my sub. Like I’m missing a part of the class.

  3. War-Bok-Shadow: My dark mage. Honestly it’s pretty weak but I’m aiming to change it to either War-Bok-Feather when the patch hits, or into a Onmy-War-Shadow. If I go with the second option I would make a new character for my War-Bok-Feather with a blood based theme. Not sure if I should stick to the feather build or try the Onmy Ying Yang Dark build

  4. Sorc-Bok-Nec: Summoner build. I don’t use it to afk farm I legitimately want a summon army for CM

  5. Kino-Onmy-Alc: My alchemist with Onmy and fancy costumes from when Onmy first came out

  6. Pyro-Kino-Sage: Portal mage. Tbh I barely use Sage skills when doing CM and it seem useless because Pyro Kino has another AOE to clear CM. If only the ‘slow’ synergy for future Sage patch work well I would try something else but it doesn’t seem hopeful

  7. Tao-Rune-Chrono: Time based mage. Wanted a Runecaster so I decided Chrono would fit it perfectly since I don’t have Chrono as well.

If someone could recommend me a good build for 3) A dark mage with Shadow it would be really nice. I thought of War-Feather-Shadow but having Bokor for the extra curse and Effigy spam to make use of Featherfoot curse seem too good to remove Bokor. Of course I have no tried but on paper the synergy sounds so good.


In my opinion curses are not reliable. They won’t last long enough for you to cast everything you should and take advantage of it and won’t even start with knockdowns and knockbacks on boss fights.

Bokor pisses me off cuz it drains so much mana to get to the 3rd Effigy hit. And you have to re-cast the curse all the time. For me it was worth when we had plague doctor to spread curse in area and Effigy ended being an awesome skill hitting a lot of mobs.

Bokor-FF-SM is definitely boss killer, on paper is great but low duration on curses and meele range on FF makes it painfull to play. The rotation is simple but 1 knockback and you are screwed. Infernal Shadow > Hexing > Shadow Conjuration > Effigy/Shadow Thorn > Bone Pointing > Ngadhundi> Hexing > Kundela Slash/Effigy.
Hallucination and Levitation are your best friends here, but you still might need to run around to hit boss since FF is meele.

Bokor-Warlock-Shadow might work better since they are all ranged and i read somewhere Shadow is going to do more damage to target with fear status is that right? If it is the case there you have it: Bokor amplifies magic and dark dmg and Warlock applies fear.


I read that they removed fear bonus in the second balance patch so Shadowmancer only does more on blind enemies. Problem is that blind is not a 100% chance of debuff. Effigy have a chance for blind and so does Sorc Salamion.

I thought it might be easier to go with a curse build because of how much easier it is to curse now. There will be 5 skills to curse enemies in future

  • Featherfoot Bone Pointing
  • Featherfoot Blood Curse
  • Featherfoot Enervation
  • Bokor Hexing
  • Warlock Masterma Stigma is also going to be curse

With all these changes I figured it might be easier to play a curse build. Furthermore Featherfoot adds 50% damage for dark damage to curse enemies so that benefits Bokor and Warlock (Kundela Slash is sadly still poison). Curse seem to be much reliable now and easier compared to ‘Blind’ debuff of Shadowmancer. So that’s why I thought of another way to add Shadowmancer and that is pairing it with Onmyoji to make use of the Yin Yang Harmony attribute to boost dark damage (no curse needed).


Won’t Shadow Condensation apply blind in future patch? It’s all changing so fast geez…

If Masterma is going to apply curse i’d go Warlock instead Bokor. Curse in bigger area, more skills to benefit from Featherfoot’s boost to dark magic and better outfit.


Shadow Condensation do apply blind but it still have a relatively high cooldown and I’m not sure about the duration of the debuff.

Warlock stigma do curse enemies in future patches and hence work well with Featherfoot. Furthermore, Featherfoot gets 50% dark for cursed enemies and hence Warlock can benefit even more. I’m thinking of choosing

  1. Featherfoot - Warlock - Bokor: This is for the insane amount of curse. With so many skills to curse there probably would be almost 100% uptime of curse. Bokor Hexing has additional crit debuff which makes it good for bosses as well. Bokor also has 8 zombies summons max, and Damballa has a very short spammable AOE burst.

  2. Featherfoot - Warlock - Shadowmancer: This is for Shadowmancer to get the extra boost from the dark bonus on cursed enemies. This is gonna be more focused on single target DPS which will do more on bosses. However, it loses summons and the AOE is pretty bad.

I’m torn between the 2 options. If I go with 1) I will make another wizard with Shadowmancer but probably need to find other synergy for it. If I go with 2) I will have all the wizard classes which is kinda what I want as well.


I have a cryo-kino-omy

also have a ff, necro, bokor.
Even without the corruption changes, necro brings enough debuffs to make things comfortable for FF.
In contrast to running it with Sorc for example you have sustain as a FF.



It sounds like you want to PvP based on your “Pros” but you say PvE only? What relevance is Fire Pillar CC?

Magnetic Force is ridiculous, above level 3 debuff that hits and sucks everyone from everywhere into the same spot for a couple years, makes the class so amazing it works in any build.

That said

Raise doesn’t work for the full duration or very long at all, and apparently using it on someone gives them immunity to Magnetic Force (CC immunity is probably a myth, this game is BS, but whatever believe what you want, maybe it actually happens in this one situation)

Teleport is being moved to Wizard, so that makes Kino less good but Wizards overall get better.

and Ice Wall shard rate just got nerfed so Psychic Pressure on Ice Wall combo is less good.

Meanwhile Onmyoji continues to have circular AoE capable of completely shitting on stealth, applying tons of CC and one even gives a MS buff. On top of the most ridiculous shield in the universe. I spent months listening to little babies bitch about Beak Mask and it’s over 100% up time and how they couldn’t debuff me to increase damage dealt thus making them unable to kill me because they don’t have any real skill or intelligence. So Beak Mask gets ■■■■ on despite being overrated, and added nerfs to Modafinil the most important skill for a Paladin/Inquisitor.

Meanwhile all of this time all of that bitching and there exists a superior version in Onmyoji granting near invincibility and massive debuff immunity that makes Beak Mask look like a worse skill than Raise.

Never in my life did I think I’d see the day where Cleric was the 4th best class in the game.