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Cryo-Kino-Onmy/tao build


I’ve never played as cryo-kino before please share your builds and thoughs about cryo-kino in rebuild, also onmy or tao and why?


If you wish to play an offensive Cryo, then go Taoist because it gives Ice Property buff. If you wish to play a defensive/CC Cryo, then go Onmyouji so you’ll have more damage skills to rotate.

Taoist and Onmyouji both are strong. Taoist is a great boss killer, and Onmyouji has strong AoE ^^


Can u share the cryo-kino build? i know what to put on onmy and tao but i have no clue about cryo-kino


For Cryomancer, max points for Frost Pillar, Ice Wall, Subzero Shield (optional, I quite like it though), and Snow Rolling. Put one point on rest. The leftover points can be spent however you see fit.

Make sure to get Cryomancer: Freeze Speciality, Subzero Shield: Duration, Subzero Shield: Counterattack, Ice Wall: Duration, Ice Bolt: Chance of Freeze attributes.

If you’re using a rod, get Rod Mastery: Ice, and Shield Mastery: Cryomancer attributes.

For skill enhancement, try to enhance Frost Pillar first. If you wish to enhance more skills, you can go for Snow Rolling. The rest are mostly good for just freezing mobs instead of dealing damage, so you don’t have to put priorty on them.

For Psychokino, max points for Psychic Pressure and Heavy Gravity. If you want to have more CC, max Raise and put the rest on Magnetic Force. If you want to have more damage, max Gravity Pole and Magnetic Force instead.

You can try having swap and see if you like it, since it only requires one point anyways. I didn’t find myself using that skill since CryoKino already has tons of CC, and Cryo can freeze some bosses.

Teleportation is a little tricky. It can be a life saver if you’re stuck in between mobs, but there’s a chance that it sometimes doesn’t even teleport you so I wouldn’t rely on that. It’s mostly useful for PvP content.

For attributes, make sure to get all the passive ones.
For damage skills, try to enhance Heavy Gravity first. Then you can enhance the rest.

Have fun and good luck! :satisfaction:


You’re an angel, thank you <3


hey Mr. Lotus. U said u know what to put on your onmy, could u share it with me? :blush: